The College Funding Conundrum: Back to School - 529 Plans and 529 Plan Alternatives

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For millions of American families, paying for college, even the thought of paying for college, presents a conundrum. This is due in part to the fact that many families are unclear regarding the rules for financial aid. Join Brock Jolly as he shares his extensive college funding expertise to make you the expert.
During the webinar Brock will show you…
  • How to maximize both need-based and merit based financial aid
  • The common financial aid formulas, historical college savings instruments, and resources and tools available to the advisor.
  • The financial aid process, college funding related problems, and strategies for solving these problems for families.
 Many families’ savings consists of the equity in their homes and the value of their retirement plans. This is beneficial for retirement; but what about paying for college? Through this informative webinar you will have the answers for your clients and your own family.