Social Security Is an Investment

Help Your Clients Understand It

November 2017

Your clients have made a valuable investment by paying into the Social Security system over their lifetime. Most tend not to think about this investment until something happens – a loved one passes away, a family member becomes disabled, a divorce occurs, their retirement sneaks up or they’ve turned 65. Unexpectedly, they are presented with an unfamiliar situation that prompts them to perhaps turn to their financial advisor for Social Security guidance. Not a problem. This presentation was tailored to prepare you for such situations.

This session was presented by a Social Security employee so you have the inside information that others cannot provide. Vonda covered the important factors to consider when advising a client beyond just numbers on a spreadsheet. She covered the Bipartisan Budget Act and how some still qualify, discussed the widow/retirement options and the big decision individuals have to make about Medicare when they turn 65. All of this and much more benefit details to help assist your clients properly.

Vonda showed some online tools that will enhance your retirement planning process with your clients. In addition, Vonda shared some inside tips on the best ways to work with Social Security and the online services that are sure to enhance one’s experience when conducting business with Social Security.

About the presenter:
The presenter is Vonda VanTil, Social Security Public Affairs Specialist in Grand Rapids MI. With over 26 years at Social Security, Vonda is well-versed in all aspects of Social Security and has conducted numerous educational webinars, radio and television interviews and training sessions. Take advantage of the opportunity to ask Vonda those difficult questions.