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"Implementing the Department of Labor's new fiduciary rule for retirement accounts will cost the brokerage industry $11 billion in revenue*," and that's just one estimate. Prepare for change by enrolling in NAIFA’s four-hour Skill Builders workshop, the most comprehensive resource available to help you understand the rule’s requirements and restrictions.

The New DOL Fiduciary Rule: Serving your Clients with Fiduciary Compliance

If you are an advisor working with qualified plans and IRAs, the Department of Labor’s new fiduciary rule will impact your practice and your clients. The rule fills more than 1,000 pages and creates complicated requirements and restrictions. The rule also affects broker-dealers and the financial institutions that provide the products you offer clients.

NAIFA is your leading source for the information and training you need to succeed in this new regulatory environment.
A new four-hour Skill Builders workshop, "Serving your Clients with Fiduciary Compliance," is the most comprehensive resource available to help advisors understand the rule’s requirements and restrictions, develop strategies to implement the rule within their practices, and become compliant while best serving the needs of their clients.

Learning Objectives

Advisors who complete the course will:
  • Understand the Department of Labor objectives as well as the details of the new rule as they affect advisors and financial institutions. Advisors will know their fiduciary duties and obligations under a best interest standard when dealing with clients, and assure their compensation is reasonable and conflicts are disclosed.
  • Define a decision-making process that provides clear guidance to practical, readily identifiable, and easily adaptable steps to satisfy the requirements of the DOL fiduciary rule.
  • Identify the stewardship attributes essential to understanding the advisor’s role as a fiduciary.
  • Learn best practices and skills associated with a procedurally prudent investment process.

Program Overview:

The course will instruct advisors how to define their roles and responsibilities as fiduciaries. It will also explain specific provisions in the rule, including the Best Interest Contract (BIC) Exemption and Prohibited Transaction Exemption (PTE) 84-24 requirements. 

Using case studies and interactive exercises, the course will provide strategies and tactics for identifying clients’ goals, objectives, risk tolerance, time horizons, expected outcomes and other details necessary to comply with the rule. The workshop will help advisors develop client-stewardship attributes required of fiduciary advisors. 

Program Structure / Cost:

This NAIFA Skill Builders Series Workshop is a four-hour program delivered in a live classroom format that includes lecture, case studies, and interactive participant exercises. The cost of the program is $195 for NAIFA members and $295 for non-members.

Included in the cost is free access to monthly live chat sessions with NAIFA Government Relations experts where you may pose questions regarding the rule and how it affects your practice.

* Investment News, 9/21/2016

“Congratulations to NAIFA for reacting quickly and proactively to assist our members with this extremely valuable and timely tool in response to the DOL fiduciary ruling! Every insurance and financial advisor who works in the retirement planning arena should take this course to fully understand the fiduciary compliance.”   - Tom Ashley, NAIFA-Florida CEO

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