LILI Alumni

Are you a LILI graduate interested in connecting with others from across the federation? Join LILI Alumni Networks, a social networking group on Facebook. Members can ask questions to challenge and inspire each other, share photos and videos, and keep up to date on LILI events.  This is a private group and members must be graduates of the Leadership in Life Institute to join. Graduates must request to join and be approved by the NAIFA administrator.

If you are a LILI grad, why not resolve this year that you will strive to build connections with like-minded people through LILI Alumni Networks on Facebook. To request to join the group, go to

LILI Alumni Relations

The Alumni Relations Team promotes LILI’s Legacy by bridging its past with the present and the future. The Team works to unite students and alumni seeking to engage in a lifelong connection developing trust, sharing knowledge, and strengthening their bond with the LILI family.

LILI Leadership Opportunities
As a LILI graduate, there are many exciting and rewarding leadership opportunities available to you!

LILI Moderator
One of the most gratifying experiences is to serve as a LILI moderator for your state’s class. Click here to learn more. Please direct inquiries to

State LILI Chair
You can impact the lives of others and help bring strong leadership to your local and state associations by serving as your State LILI Chair. As the key contact for the program in your state, the State LILI Chair works in harmony with the State Executive and moderator to provide oversight of activities related to the administration, promotion and continuation of the LILI program. This person should be passionate about the program and agree to hold the position for two years.

State LILI Committee
A strong state LILI committee is the key to LILI’s overall success. This team should be made up of state leaders and LILI alumni. Critical tasks such as the selection of the moderator and students are the responsibility of this team. This committee should also assist in marketing and recruitment initiatives. States should have a team of LILI graduates whose responsibility year round is recruiting potential students. Together Everyone Achieves More.

State Alumni Committee
Does your state have an Alumni Group? If not, would you be interested in building one? If you would like to serve on a task force to help build an Alumni Group in your state, let your state leaders know. To see a list of State LILI Chairs click here.

National LILI Subcommittee
If you are passionate about LILI and would like to serve on the national LILI subcommittee, please notify your state National Committeeperson and State Executive. Candidates for all national committees must be reported by the state and are appointed by the NAIFA Executive Committee.