History of LILI

The Leadership in Life Institute (LILI), NAIFA’s signature leadership development course, began in 2000 when the first classes were held in California and Texas. In the years that followed, nearly 260 classes have been completed with 48 states participating. The LILI family has grown to include 2,200 alumni. The program’s success is highly visible in the leadership ranks of NAIFA as graduates fulfill their service commitment and help LILI meet its mission of developing high-quality leaders for the entire federation.

1998: The Leadership Development Task Force is appointed by 1998-99 NAIFA President Larry Lambert to address the lack of qualified leaders to envision, plan and execute the objectives of the federation. The Task Force, chaired by 2009-10 NAIFA President Tom Curry, begins work on a leadership development curriculum to be administered by NAIFA state associations.
2000: The first LILI classes are held in California and Texas with 14 students graduating.
2002-05: LILI evolves from regional institutes to state-sponsored institutes.
2004: The first LILI 7 Leadership Workshop is held at the NAIFA Conference in Las Vegas.
2006: LILI is held in a majority of states (35) and enrollment increases by more than 60% from the previous year. Nearly 300 students graduate.
2008:LILI introduces award-winning participant guides, the alumni e-newsletter, and new format for the LILI 7 Leadership Workshop at the NAIFA Career Conference.
2009: LILI marks its 10th Anniversary with the launch of LILI Alumni Online, an online networking site designed exclusively for LILI grads.
2010: NAIFA Conference events are expanded to include a new complimentary workshop for alumni – LILI Alumni Networks – where the first edition of the LILI Alumni Playbook is presented.
2011: LILI Alumni Networks on Facebook, an online social networking group reserved for LILI graduates, is launched.
2013: Curriculum is expanded to include The One Page Business Plan®, The Kolb Learning Style Inventory, and Emotional Intelligence (EQ).