Initial LACP Certification

NAIFA Life and Annuity Certified Professionals (LACP) are agents with knowledge and experience beyond the requirements for industry licensure. Certification exemplifies excellence in the following areas:  Product Knowledge

Professionals who wish to become a LACP must possess a depth of knowledge in order to deliver thorough and competent advice to clients seeking financial services and solutions in life insurance and annuities. See product knowledge outline identified by the 2017 Job Analysis Study.

Consultative Sales Process

LACP holders are agents and advisors who have developed an effective consultative selling approach by applying the skills, techniques and best practices to the sales process. They establish trust and rapport with clients using appropriate communications strategies while employing a fact-finding process to understand a client’s situation, including goals, needs, tolerance for risk, and perceptions about their circumstances. They present solutions and Initiate execution of the plan as agreed upon by clients using appropriate resources, applications, and follow up to ensure the solution is implemented. See Consultative Sales Process outline identified by the 2017 Job Analysis Study.

Ethical, Legal and Regulatory Requirements

LACP holders agree to adhere to a high standard of ethics in accordance with prevailing standards to protect client interests. They monitor industry legislative and regulatory changes to ensure compliance, and they observe good business practices in accordance with the law and professional expectations to safeguard client interests. See Ethical, Legal and Regulatory Requirements outline identified by the 2017 Job Analysis Study. 

To register and for more information, visit the official NAIFA Certification Commission Website.