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Practice Tools and Tips: Practice management tools and tips developed to help you grow and succeed in your business.

Priority Planning Concept:
The simplest and most effective selling concept in the industry. Includes all the tools and sales tracks needed for implementation.

Fact Finders:
Forms for gathering facts about your clients for a variety of personal, business and estate needs.

Client Presentations:
Complete concept presentations for virtually all personal, business and estate needs.

Concept Pages:
Hundreds of conceptual personal, business and estate planning ideas for your clients, reduced to one simple page.

Referred Lead Generator:
The RLG is a "prospecting engine" that provides names of a current client's neighbors. These names can then be used to begin the referred lead process.

Target Market Generator:
The TMLG is a "prospecting engine" that allows you to target all the doctors, lawyers, florists, etc. in a small city or zip code. Specimen Documents:
Specimen documents to help your client's attorney prepare insurance-related documents.

Tax Information:
Printable answers to common tax questions about life and health insurance and annuities with links to and a "road map" of the entire US Tax Code.

Building Your Financial Services Practice:
This book identifies the 6 systems a producer needs to succeed and tells how to establish them. Many agents have found this book a great way to critique their own business, while others have found it invaluable in 'bringing in a junior' associate for succession planning.

Mental Vitamins:
Articles and quotes by "masters" such as Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, Tom Hopkins and many others.