National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors

NAIFA ClientCast

NAIFA ClientCast® by Real Wealth® is a two part sales and marketing program, free for you as a NAIFA Member.

Part 1: Market yourself with NAIFA ClientCast®

As a NAIFA Member, you have access to the free NAIFA ClientCast® consumer marketing content. Each month, a new podcast episode, pre-written email blast and social posts come out for you to share with your clients, prospects and networks. Each month’s content features an industry professional or nationally recognized guest who shares planning ideas with your clients in an easy-to-understand way, that motivates them to take action from you.

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Looking for a more turnkey solution? Check out the Premier Service option that allows us to do it all for you. All content will be personally branded to you and sent automatically to your email list and posted on your social profiles every single month, on auto-pilot! It’s completely hands off, and if you choose to get more involved, you can log into the system to view analytics, pull lists of hot prospects, and do targeted campaigning. Click here to view your NAIFA member discounted pricing on Premier Service.

Part 2: Get fresh sales ideas every month on Power Session LIVE by NAIFA ClientCast®
Want to see how other advisors make so much money? You can with the Power Session LIVE Advisor Webinar Series. Top advisors share their prospecting ideas, sales strategies, best business practices, industry opportunities, and more. You’re invited to attend each month’s session for free as a NAIFA Member!

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Looking for sales ideas on demand? All sessions are recorded and posted in the Power Session Library, exclusive for Premier Members. Click here to learn more about the Premier Service option, and your discount as a NAIFA Member.