Financial Planning—Now More Than Ever

January 10, 2019

The current federal government shutdown, which has put 800,000 federal workers on unpaid status, underscores the need for Americans to have a financial cushion in place to help them cope with life’s uncertainties. Many of the workers affected by this shutdown are now filing for unemployment and learning how to live on a reduced income—or what is worse—a nonexistent income. NAIFA President Jill Judd, FSS, LUTCF, explains how what she and other NAIFA members each day — create solid financial...

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Standard of Care Issues Move to the Front-Burner (Again)

January 4, 2019

By Gary Sanders   Gary Sanders is Counsel and Vice President-Government Relations at NAIFA. After several years of relative quiet, issues dealing with what standard of care should apply to insurance producers, broker-dealers and their registered representatives have once again become front-burner topics on both the federal and state levels. As you may remember, the Dodd Frank Act of 2010 authorized (but did not require) the SEC to ado...

Wishing You a Happy New Year

January 2, 2019

Dear Friends,   NAIFA CEO Kevin Mayeux On behalf of your NAIFA family, I’d like to personally thank you for participating in the premier association of insurance and financial professionals and wish you a very happy New Year! Last year brought many exciting changes to NAIFA, as your member representatives on NAIFA’s National Council voted overwhelmingly to modernize our association’s structure. We are now a leaner, nimbler NAIFA, with state...

Happy Holidays From NAIFA

December 19, 2018

Dear friends, NAIFA President Jill Judd On behalf of NAIFA’s board of trustees and staff, I wish you a very joyous holiday season .   This time of year, many of us reflect on our good fortune, including what we have received in terms of personal gifts and talents. It is a blessing of our profession that we are able to use our talents not only to achieve personal success but also for the ultimate benefit of those we serve. I believe that b...

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Retirement Security and State-Run Retirement Plans

December 6, 2018

By Gary Sanders   Gary Sanders is Counsel and Vice President of Government Relations at NAIFA. Retired Americans are often living 20 years or more after they stop working, which has attracted the attention of the media and lawmakers interested in helping people better prepare financially. As a result, state legislatures continue to look at ways that states can increase consumer retirement savings. All told, legislation on retirement plan...