National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors

Greetings From Your NAIFA President

Dear friends and colleagues,
Today is a great day to be an insurance and financial advisor and a great day to be a NAIFA member! Advisors help 90 million American families manage life’s unavoidable risks and achieve financial security and even prosperity. We work with them to set goals and pursue their dreams. Our life’s work is helping others succeed.
People’s personal finances have grown more complex in our modern world, and our clients need us more than ever. It’s a heavy burden at times, but one that no NAIFA member shies away from. Serving our clients is incredibly rewarding on many levels, and my NAIFA colleagues are the best, most dedicated professionals I know. That is why I am so energized in my new role as your NAIFA president.
Like those we serve, we as advisors face increasing challenges – from an ever-changing legislative and regulatory landscape to greater demographic diversity among our clients and prospects. From marketplace adjustments that impact our business models to rapidly evolving technology that changes the ways we communicate with our clients and provide them products and services.
The great news is that every challenge brings fresh opportunities. And NAIFA is moving ahead of the curve to help advisors turn each of those challenges into success.
Explore the Benefits of NAIFA Membership
A good example is our new NAIFA Learning Center, an exclusive educational resource for NAIFA members that is an innovative virtual platform designed for financial professionals who run and operate their own practices. The Learning Center curriculum is designed to help establish the cornerstones of a producer’s practice, which will ensure consistent growth and nourishment, leading to higher levels of productivity through stronger client retention.
The NAIFA Solution Center is a member benefit that helps advisors in the early years of building their business develop the habits and skills they need to succeed. Articles on sales, networking, prospecting, and time management are among the Center’s most popular offerings designed to help advisors of all practice specialties grow their businesses.
NAIFA’s political advocacy, in Washington, D.C., and all 50 state capitals, protects the practices and clients of every advisor. While you look out for the best interests of your clients, NAIFA protects your interests and those of consumers who need the products and services you offer.
Your membership makes NAIFA’s advocacy stronger and our voice more powerful when we speak to regulators and lawmakers on your behalf. Your contributions to IFAPAC, attendance at the Congressional Conference, and year-round grassroots lobbying bolster NAIFA’s influence and help us defeat bad regulations, like the Department of Labor’s fiduciary rule, and shape good legislation, like the Senior Safe Act. Because of you, the new federal tax law makes no changes to the taxation of life insurance products and does not require “Rothification” of retirement accounts. Thank you for making NAIFA great.
Watch Our Photo Review of NAIFA’s 2018 P+P Conference
Becoming your new NAIFA president at the Performance + Purpose conference earlier this month was a highlight of my career and a very special moment. I am humbled to have this opportunity to give back to a profession that has enriched my life on so many levels. To those of you who were in San Antonio, thank you for sharing that moment with me.
NAIFA has become like a second family to me. You provide a focal point for professional growth, personal fulfillment, and a service-above-self mentality. You helped me build a successful practice. You welcomed me. You gave me sales ideas. You shared business concepts. You invited me to serve. I’m grateful to you, the people of NAIFA who bring this organization to life!
That is why as NAIFA president I look forward to rolling up my sleeves and working alongside our Board of Trustees, CEO, staff, and state and local leaders to ensure that every NAIFA member gets every possible advantage out of his or her membership investment. My goal is to see all of you benefit from this amazing organization as much as I have.
It’s going to be a great year.
Best regards,

Jill Judd, LUTCF, FSS
NAIFA President
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Kelli Keith
Great letter Jill! Really appreciate your leadership this year and all the helpful links you have included in this welcome letter!
10/2/2018 5:15:10 PM