National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors

Scary Facts About Retirement Readiness

October 30, 2017

Just in time for Halloween, NAIFA presents a list of frightening retirement readiness facts that will make your hair stand on end! Congressional tax reform could severely limit pre-tax contributions to retirement plans. Proposals to limit pre-tax contributions to retirement accounts will harm overall retirement readiness and severely limit the choices of employers and plan participants. NAIFA is working with members of Congress to oppose Rothification and push back against any unre...

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NAIFA Take 3 Video: Rothification and Tax Reform

October 27, 2017

Dear friends and colleagues, In NAIFA’s newest Take3 video , we talk about NAIFA’s advocacy impact and its importance in the ongoing tax reform debate in Washington. As you know, congressional tax writers and the Trump administration are looking to rewrite the tax code and reduce tax rates for businesses and individuals. To do so, they need to cut expenses and find additional sources of revenue. A number of current tax provisions important to our industry and the American public w...

"Rothification" Emerges as Potential Tax Reform Risk

October 19, 2017

Dear NAIFA member,   NAIFA continues to monitor the prevailing winds on Capitol Hill as members of congressional tax-writing committees draft tax-reform legislation. Much of their work is occurring behind closed doors, but we know lawmakers are searching for ways to pay for tax cuts that they and the Trump administration have promised. We must be vigilant to ensure that our concerns are heard. Fortunately, NAIFA is the largest and most influential association representing advisors and ...

Executive Order Mandates Reexamination of Short-Term Health Care Coverage Limits

October 12, 2017

The White House has issued an Executive Order (EO) directing the Department of Labor (DOL) to implement rules and regulations permitting small business as well as individuals to purchase health insurance coverage through association health plans (AHPs). The EO would also direct the DOL and the Internal Revenue Service to reexamine a regulation implemented under the previous administration that restricts short-term health insurance coverage to 90 days with no option for renewal.    “NAIFA ...

NAIFA Letter to Rep. Sinema Lauds Legislation to Protect Senior Investors

October 10, 2017

NAIFA President Keith Gillies has sent a letter to Rep. Kyrsten Sinema (D – Ariz.) supporting the Senior Safe Act of 2017 (H.R. 3758) , sponsored by the congresswoman.   The legislation would allow agents and advisors to report suspicious financial activities involving accounts of the senior citizen clients to financial institutions, which would evaluate the activities and, if appropriate, report them to proper authorities. NAIFA has worked with Rep. Sinema and other members of Congres...