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NAIFA Members Protect the Things Americans Are Thankful For

By Kevin Mayeux, CAE
Kevin Mayeux is CEO of NAIFA
It’s an old tradition. Loved ones gather around the Thanksgiving table, ready to serve the turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes. But first, they take a few moments to share with each other the things they are most thankful for.
Not surprisingly, surveys indicate that Americans are most likely to be thankful for three things: their loved ones, good health, and financial wellbeing. Perhaps that is why Thanksgiving, of all our holidays, is the one that most reminds me of NAIFA. Our members have dedicated their careers to helping clients protect their families, maintain their health, and attain their financial goals.
Insurance and financial advisors are indispensable precisely because you focus on the things most precious to consumers. 
When your clients are thankful for their families, you offer them life insurance to alleviate the financial burden of an unexpected or premature death. You offer college savings plans to ensure bright futures for their children. And you offer retirement products, as well as disability and long-term-care policies, so they won’t create future financial burdens for the ones they love. 
When they are thankful for their health, you offer plans that provide them the best opportunity to maintain their wellness or receive medical treatment to return them to health should they become sick or injured. When they are thankful for their financial wellbeing, you offer planning and investments so they can continue to prosper and grow their wealth.
We at NAIFA have much to be thankful for this holiday season. We serve the best, most dedicated insurance and financial professionals in the world. The work you do ensures that American families and small businesses manage life’s inevitable risks, achieve their goals, and reach heights of prosperity that would be unattainable without your efforts. It is an honor for NAIFA to serve you and help you succeed.
On behalf of myself, the NAIFA Board of Trustees, and every member of the NAIFA staff, I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. 
Best regards,
Kevin Mayeux
Kevin Mayeux
  • Posted November 21, 2018 IN

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