Dougherty Touts the Value of NAIFA Advocacy

NAIFA President Paul Dougherty spoke to attendees at NAIFA’s Congressional Conference about the value that NAIFA’s political advocacy provides members.
“NAIFA’s political advocacy is what keeps us in business,” he said. “Advocacy alone is worth every penny of our membership investment. I’ve been a NAIFA member for 18 years, and over that time NAIFA’s advocacy successes have paid for my membership many times over.”
The Congressional Conference, he said, is an opportunity for NAIFA members to experience those advocacy successes first hand and to participate in the process.
“The first time I represented NAIFA on the Hill, I was nervous,” he said. “I thought for sure that someone was going to ask me a question I couldn’t answer, and I was sweating the issues. Well, the pop quiz never came, and I realized that my job that day was to tell the story to my congressman about the impact the pending legislation would have on my clients – his constituents.”
Today, on day two of the Congressional Conference, approximately 700 NAIFA members, including Dougherty, are on Capitol Hill for meetings with their representatives and Senators. They are telling their stories and their clients’ stories to ensure lawmakers understand how issues such as the Department of Labor fiduciary rule, revisions to the health care law, and tax reform affect everyday Americans.
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