ACLI's Kempthorne Praises and Encourages NAIFA's Advocacy Work

Gov. Dirk Kempthorne, president and CEO of the American Council of Life Insurers, spoke yesterday at NAIFA’s Congressional Conference, telling the advisor-advocates in attendance that they play a crucial role educating lawmakers on the importance of the insurance industry.
For example, he said that advisors are not in a position to fix problems with Social Security.
“That’s not within our jurisdiction. That is the responsibility of Congress. But we can help Congress see the full picture and recognize that our industry can supplement the public safety net,” he said.
The advocacy of advisors is particularly important on the tax reform issue, Kempthorne said. Washington lacks consensus on how tax reform should proceed, so there is still much debate and discussion to be done. The Trump administration has proposed eliminating most tax breaks, but has said that retirement savings “would be protected.”
Meanwhile, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan has said that any tax bill must be revenue-neutral.
“Whatever way the tax reform deal shakes out, we have been preparing for tax reform for years,” Kempthorne said. “And when the ACLI and NAIFA work together, we send a powerful message to Congress: Any proposal whether it’s related to company or product taxation that would interfere with our historic mission of helping American families, would be vigorously opposed by our organizations.”
NAIFA’s role in this advocacy effort is to speak for Main Street America.
“If you scan the news, you will quickly determine that anything labeled ‘Wall Street’ is a political target,” Kempthorne said.
“Anything our industry can do to prevent being perceived as Wall Street is critical to us,” he said. “You are Main Street. An incredible thing happens when Main Street America comes to Washington, D.C. You bring with you the perspective of where you live, where you work, who you serve. Your voice awakens Washington.”
As the governor wished NAIFA members well as they embark on Capitol Hill visits with lawmakers on the second day of NAIFA's Congressional Conference, he concluded: “Your steps tomorrow can potentially benefit every man, woman, and child of our nation. Rightfully, have a bounce in your step. You are the messengers to carry the message to the Hill.”
  • Posted May 24, 2017 IN

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