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If Insurance Is Your Profession, Then Politics Is Your Business

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of IFAPAC, the NAIFA Blog will run occasional posts by NAIFA members highlighting their political involvement and action.

By Ashley C. Corbally,
National Young Advisors Team Committee

When I first entered the insurance and financial services industry, I didn’t grasp the gravity of the legislative challenges the industry faces every day on both the federal and state levels. Whether it’s fighting for our place in the advisory world, overcoming misconceptions about our professional integrity or advocating on behalf of our clients to ensure they have access to affordable services, I was naïve, to say the least.

After about a year of being a NAIFA member, I was asked to contribute to IFAPAC. I did. Not because I fully understood what the PAC accomplished for us, but because I respected the person who asked me. Later that year, I attended the NAIFA-Montana State Convention and met our state lobbyist for the first time. That introduction to the world of politics forever changed my passion for the industry. That was the moment when I began to understand that our power is about educating lawmakers.

In 2013, I attended NAIFA’s first Congressional Conference in Washington, D.C. I wanted to learn about the process. I wanted to see grassroots efforts in action and see if they were effective. 

At the conclusion of my first Capitol Hill meeting, I discovered that my member of Congress was an ordinary person. He had a family and a business back home—just like me. I realized that he—just like me—could not possibly have expert knowledge about every subject on which he would have to cast a vote—and that included our industry.

As an individual constituent, my voice can only have so much sway with my members of Congress. That is why IFAPAC has played a crucial role in my passion for NAIFA. IFAPAC provides agents and advisors with a strong and unified voice on Capitol Hill. IFAPAC is a critical tool in our efforts to protect the industry from harmful legislation. IFAPAC gives all NAIFA members the ability to educate Congress and our state legislators about the impact that proposed legislation, or regulation, will have on consumers, financial services professionals, insurance agents and the economy as a whole. For these reasons and more, I contribute monthly to IFAPAC and make additional contributions at national and state association meetings. More importantly, I try to spread the word about the significance of IFAPAC to my fellow NAIFA members and commit to regular grassroots activities with my members of Congress.

I’m a YAT and I love what I do. I want to make sure I can still do what I love 30 years from now. But I can’t do it alone! All NAIFA members must be active. Won’t you join me?
  • Posted March 11, 2016 IN

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