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Investors Say Meetings With Advisors on 401(k) Plans Are Highly Effective

March 31, 2015

A one-on-one meeting with a financial professional is the most effective way for a worker to get information or advice about a 401(k)-type retirement plan, according to a Gallup survey of investors .   Some 71 percent of the investors surveyed said such meetings with human advisors are “highly effective” and 21 percent said they are “somewhat effective.” Employer-sponsored seminars or presentations ranked as the second most effective source of information and advice, with 46 percent of t...

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Juli McNeely Defends Advisors in InvestmentNews Op-Ed

March 23, 2015

An Investment News op-ed article by NAIFA President Juli McNeely defends the reputations of honest advisors. In the response to a speech in which President Obama stated that some financial professionals are “selling snake oil” and bilking their retirement clients out of billions of dollars per year, McNeely explains how NAIFA members work very hard to benefit their clients and have helped millions of Americans successfully plan for retirement.   President Obama’s statements come in an...

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New study finds flaws in White House Report on DOL Retirement Regulation

March 16, 2015

A new report by the National Economic Research Associates (NERA) identifies flaws in figures cited in the White House’s Council of Economic Advisors Report concerning retirement savings advice. The report, “Review of the White House Report Titled 'The Effects of Conflicted Investment Advice on Retirement Savings,’” was released today by SIFMA . Key findings:  The Administration's estimated cost to retirees under current regulations is nowhere in academic literature. This approach ...

Partnership to help NAIFA members serve growing Hispanic market

March 3, 2015

Program will debut with March 11 Webinar featuring Glenn Llopis A new partnership between NAIFA and the California-based Glenn Llopis Group (GLG) will give NAIFA members access to cutting-edge tools and resources to help them reach the largest growing minority in the U.S.: the Hispanic community. NAIFA and GLG announced the partnership today, along with the range of products and services available as members increase their efforts to meet the financial services needs o...