NAIFA Joins Industry Groups Urging Senate to Protect Employer-Sponsored Health Care

NAIFA and a group of coalition partners have asked the U.S. Senate ensure that any legislation to modify or replace the Affordable Care Act protect and ensure the stability of the employer-sponsored health care system in the United States.
In a letter addressed to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Senate Democratic Leader Charles Schumer and their colleagues in the Senate, the groups ask legislators to reject proposals to tax workers’ health coverage. Of particular concern, according to the letter, are proposals that would result in “Preserving the ACA’s 40 percent ‘Cadillac’ tax or imposing new taxes on employee health care benefits.”
NAIFA and the other groups support measures in the American Health Care Act recently passed by the U.S. House, including those that would repeal other ACA taxes and eliminate employer mandate penalties.
NAIFA has developed principles that support a workable solution to our health care problems. These are outlines in the publication: “Rx for Health Care: The Advisors' Perspective.”
  • Posted June 12, 2017 IN

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