NAIFA Members Met With 91 Percent of Congress During Recent Day on the Hill

More than 800 insurance and financial advisors took NAIFA’s advocacy message to Capitol Hill during NAIFA’s Congressional Conference on May 20. They spoke to their representatives and senators about the potential impact on their practices and their clients of tax reform and the proposed DOL best interest rule.
Some  91 percent of Congress was visited by constituents from all 50 states and Washington, D.C.  Attendees had meetings with most key congressional leadership and key committee members:
  • 100 percent of the Senate leadership
  • 100 percent of the House leadership
  • 100 percent Senate Finance Committee members
  • 100 percent of Senate Banking Committee members
  • 92 percent of House Ways & Means Committee members
  • 95 percent of House Financial Services Committee members
The Congressional Conference is NAIFA’s premier grassroots political involvement event.
Post-event materials for attendees are available online.

Photo captions: Members of NAIFA-Delaware meet with Sen. Chris Coons (D-DE); members of NAIFA-Montana pose with Sen. Steve Daines (R-MT); members of NAIFA-Iowa meet with Rep. David Young (R-IA); Rep. Ann Wagner (R-MO) addresses NAIFA Congressional Conference attendees.
  • Posted June 10, 2015 IN
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Dori Phillips
It is VERY clear to me as to why NAIFA is so well respected on Capitol Hill. We have an extremely educated staff working around the clock, protecting our Industry's best interest, which is not lost on our Politicians! I attended our November 13, 2014 meeting with our members of congress, and must admit walking away feeling a bit discouraged. I felt I had a lot to say, but NAIFA had just one topic on the agenda they wanted us to discuss. Fast forward to 5/20/15 "Fly in" .NAIFA knows exactly what they are doing and the methodology to get there! This became very clear, with each meeting I attended throughout the day.The common theme was how Congress depends on NAIFA to help educate them on how and what is important to our Industry and the client's we serve. It was expressed time and again, they knew how important our issue was, because NAIFA NEVER wastes their time otherwise! I cannot express enough, the importance of really being involved in our Industry at all levels! It is unfathomable to me how one can say they love and enjoy the benefit and rewards of our profession , yet are unwilling to support their Industry by contributing their time to APIC or donating to IFAPAC! MEMBERS need to get involved, and understand, NAIFA is here to enhance their success in this Industry. I will be part of the solution, not the problem from now on, how about you????
6/16/2015 2:13:28 PM
John Davidson
This was the best NAIFA event ever. Maybe the most impressive Insurance Industry Legislative Event of all time because those 800 member/agents are :1) constituents of the Representatives that they met with, 2) they are actively involved in Political matters impacting our industry and our clients, 3) they contribute to political campaigns and the PAC and 4) many spent their own money to come to Washington...because this is a vital part of their involvement.
6/11/2015 11:05:57 AM