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Proposed Legislation Highlights the Importance of Agents to Consumers Seeking Health Insurance

Senator Mary L. Landrieu (D-LA) will introduce a pair of NAIFA-supported bills to ensure health insurance consumers have greater choice and continued access to advice and services of professional insurance advisors.
“Sen. Landrieu, along with many of her colleagues in Congress, knows the vital role agents and brokers play as they help Americans understand their health insurance options and obtain quality, affordable coverage,” said NAIFA President John Nichols. “The CHOICE Act and the Enhancing Access for Agents and Brokers Act address some key challenges NAIFA members experienced during the roll out of the Affordable Care Act marketplaces, and we urge Congress to pass both measures. NAIFA applauds Sen. Landrieu along with a growing list of cosponsors including Sens. Warner, Manchin, Shaheen, and Heitkamp, for their efforts to ensure consumers have access to the quality advice and services they need.”
The Enhancing Access for Agents and Brokers Act would improve agents and brokers’ ability to help consumers by:
  • Creating a toll-free customer-support hotline dedicated to agents and brokers who are helping individuals, families and small businesses sign up for plans through federally facilitated marketplaces
  • Ensuring that agents and brokers are fairly compensated for their work by allowing enrollees to add agents’ names and national producer numbers to their applications at any point during the enrollment process without having to start the process over
  • Listing names and contact information for marketplace-certified agents and brokers on the Web site
  • Requiring the Department of Health and Human Services to notify certified agents and brokers within five days of any new regulation, guidance, technical letter or policy statement on enrollment through the marketplace
The Consumers Having Options in Choosing Enrollment (CHOICE) Act would create a permanent pathway for consumers to directly enroll with qualified insurers outside of the ACA marketplaces. The act would give consumers more options when signing up for health insurance and complying with the ACA. The act would give agents and brokers more options when helping their clients find plans that best suit their individual needs and budgets.
  • Posted July 8, 2014 IN

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