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NAIFA-Colorado Testifies on Proposed State-Run Health Insurance Program

NAIFA-Colorado State APIC Chair Kevin Ross told state regulators that a proposed state-run health care plan in Colorado would work against stated goals of  lowering costs and providing consumers with more options. Instead, a state-run plan would likely result in fewer carriers offering health insurance coverage, leading to reduced choices and higher costs for consumers.

Ross provided testimony at a July 16 public stakeholder meeting with the Division of Insurance and the Department of Health Care Policy and Financing regarding HB 19-0004, a proposal that would require state regulators to conduct a study and determine the feasibility of establishing a state-run health insurance program.

NAIFA-Colorado urged legislators to instead support proposals that bolster and maintain a vibrant and robust private insurance market. NAIFA-Colorado further stated that while NAIFA does not oppose a study, it is important that the study receive input from a wide variety of stakeholders so many views and opinions are considered. After the testimony, NAIFA received support from industry partners and concerned citizens. NAIFA-Colorado will continue to engage in future stakeholder meetings on this issue. 
  • Posted July 26, 2019 IN

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