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NAIFA Capital 50 Fund Takes State Advocacy to New Heights

NAIFA is the only membership association for agents and advisors providing effective advocacy at the federal level in Washington, D.C., and at the state level in all 50 state capitals. NAIFA is always working to bolster its advocacy efforts and encourage the best possible legislative and regulatory outcomes for advisors and their clients. With top-notch lobbyists and grassroots networks in every state, NAIFA serves as the voice of the industry not just in Washington, but around the country. This is a crucial aspect of NAIFA’s advocacy mission, given that insurance and many investment products are regulated at the state level.
The NAIFA Capital 50 Fund was established last year to allow our strategic partners to invest in NAIFA state associations’ advocacy activities. The fund promotes strategic coordination of industry resources and activities to educate and influence state-level legislators and regulators.
It is designed to bolster state programs that are already effective, helping those states to take their advocacy to an even higher level. Therefore, recipients are expected to have met several minimum criteria, including hosting an annual legislative day or day on the hill, having at least one registered lobbyist, having an established state grassroots network, and having in-place Government Relations, Political Action Committee, and Political Involvement Committee chairs.
NAIFA state associations may submit grant proposals aimed at improving big-picture aspects of their state advocacy. The grants are not used to advocate on specific issues, but to improve the overall effectiveness of the states’ advocacy efforts.
NAIFA-Florida, for example, applied for and received a grant to reimburse travel expenses for first-time attendees at its annual “Day on the Hill” event. Additionally, grant money is paying for the state’s lobbyist to attend local NAIFA meetings and keep members informed on important legislative matters.
“Our state lobbyist is our best membership salesperson,” said NAIFA-Florida CEO Tom Ashley. “When a lobbyist is at a local meeting, people show up.”
So far, the NAIFA Capital 50 Fund has approved nine grants. The recipients are:
  • NAIFA-Iowa
  • NAIFA-Louisiana
  • NAIFA-Maryland
  • NAIFA-Michigan
  • NAIFA-Missouri
  • NAIFA-Nebraska
  • NAIFA-Tennessee
  • NAIFA-Utah
  • NAIFA-Wisconsin
State association leaders who would like to apply for a Capital 50 Fund grant may do so on the NAIFA website.
So far, NAIFA corporate partners Northwestern Mutual and New York Life Company have contributed to the fund and participate in grant-making decisions. Information for fund contributors and potential contributors is available from the NAIFA Corporate Partnerships and Sponsorships team.
  • Posted February 26, 2018 IN

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