Bill to Remove Agent and Broker Compensation from MLR Introduced

The Access to Professional Health Insurance Advisors Act of 2015, H.R. 815, is a bill introduced this week in the House of Representatives that would remove insurance agent and broker fees from the medical loss ratio (MLR) calculation in the Affordable Care Act. The bill has 15 original cosponsors.

Convincing evidence shows that including broker compensation in the MLR has seriously harmed brokers who provide health insurance, as well as the individuals and small businesses they serve.
NAIFA has been a strong advocate for fixing the MLR provision in the health care law.

"The advice and services provided by health agents and brokers provide direct benefits to consumers, so agent compensation should not be considered administrative expenses under the Affordable Care Act," said NAIFA President Juli McNeely. "Many NAIFA members have seen their compensation decrease since the MLR rule went into effect, forcing some to scale back their services to health care clients or refocus on other lines of business entirely. This harms the consumers who rely on agents and brokers to obtain coverage and assistance in understanding the complex health care law.”

"NAIFA commends Representatives Billy Long and Kurt Schrader, who introduced the Access to Professional Health Insurance Advisors Act of 2015 and bipartisan group of legislators who signed on as sponsors. We urge all members of Congress to vote for its passage."
  • Posted February 10, 2015 IN
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Leslie Trager Kahle
Thank you for everything you are trying to do. The against and brokers are counting on your support. I am always amazed when headlines read"10,000 layer off from ______" yet no one understand the magnitude of the financial devastation if 10"s of thousands of Insurance agents lose their source of income..
4/24/2016 7:44:33 PM
i don't really see that much benefit to anyone from this bill.
2/17/2015 11:17:12 PM
Tomeka Kimbrough
Thanks for looking out for us agents...I have been undercompensated since Medicare Part D was an insurance agent I find myself operating like a social worker and under the new ACA law we have been extremely underpaid for our work. I am proud that something is happening to keep us agents from being bankrupt
2/12/2015 8:24:02 AM