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Happy Holidays From NAIFA

Dear friends,

NAIFA President Jill Judd

On behalf of NAIFA’s board of trustees and staff, I wish you a very joyous holiday season.
This time of year, many of us reflect on our good fortune, including what we have received in terms of personal gifts and talents. It is a blessing of our profession that we are able to use our talents not only to achieve personal success but also for the ultimate benefit of those we serve. I believe that being a financial professional is among the most rewarding jobs on earth, because we can literally “spread the wealth” among our clients.
Through NAIFA I have gotten to know some of the smartest and most talented insurance and financial professionals around the country, and it is my great fortune to count many of them among my closest colleagues and friends. The best thing about these amazing advisors is that they have dedicated their talents and their professional lives to serving others. I don’t need to tell you the many good things that we as advisors do for people who desperately need our help. We answer a very noble calling when we strive to help our clients protect themselves and their families, set meaningful goals, and fulfill their aspirations.
When I speak on behalf of advisors and agents, whether it’s to government officials, industry insiders, or the public, I often tout the talent our members have for building enduring relationships with their clients. We don’t focus on completing single transactions, but rather work with people to provide lifetimes of security and prosperity. We succeed only when our clients succeed. Our legacy is secure when we provide them the security of knowing they are prepared for any of life’s inevitable financial risks.

It is a great pleasure and honor for me as NAIFA president to serve our dedicated and passionate members as you use your talents to benefit our fellow Americans. I thank you for all you do. And I sincerely hope you have a wonderful holiday season with family and friends and a very happy New Year.
Best regards,

Jill Judd, LUTCF, FSS
NAIFA President
  • Posted December 19, 2018 IN
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Jerry Garcia
Merry Christmas Jill. Thank you for your message and thank you for your service to our industry.
12/25/2018 10:03:46 AM