NAIFA Take 3 Video: Your Membership Strengthens Our Industry

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Dear Friends,

NAIFA’s advocacy strategy, leveraging all three branches of government, paid off a few weeks ago with a federal court’s decision to totally strike and “vacate” the Department of Labor’s fiduciary rule. This is a huge win for NAIFA, the ACLI, and our other advocacy partners. More importantly, this decision is a major victory for advisors everywhere who strive to best serve their clients!

Please take about three minutes to watch our newest NAIFA Take 3 video, in which I explain how your professional association – NAIFA – played a major leadership role in this industry-changing action to protect your business. Please share it with other NAIFA members and, especially, with your industry colleagues who have not joined or who may have let their memberships lapse.

One of my key takeaways is that we are one NAIFA and one industry, all in this together. Our advocacy success benefits every agent and advisor, but we can only be effective when we put forward a unified front. As more advisors join NAIFA, the stronger our advocacy voice and our industry becomes.

Unfortunately, the opposite is also true. Washington is a city of many voices. There are groups with interests opposed to our industry and the advisor community who are pitting their influence against ours. We cannot allow them to threaten the success of your businesses and harm the wellbeing of your clients. If they appear more unified than our industry, we don’t stand a chance. That is why we need your membership, engagement, and support. Beyond that, we need your help to encourage your colleagues to join NAIFA. The stakes are simply too high for anyone to sit on the sidelines.

Thank you for your dedication to your profession and clients and support for NAIFA, the professional association for America’s insurance and financial advisors.

Best regards,


Kevin Mayeux, CAE
NAIFA Chief Executive Officer
  • Posted April 5, 2018 IN

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