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Advisor Today

Founded in 1906 as Life Association News, Advisor Today is the official publication of the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors. Our mission is to provide practical information, sales ideas, resources and business strategies to help insurance and financial advisors succeed. Advisor Today is a digital-only magazine and is published six times a year.

Our stories cover information on three subject areas:
  • Practice Specialties: Life and health insurance, financial planning, multiline insurance, estate planning, and tax and legislative issues
  • Sales and Marketing: Sales ideas and marketing techniques to help advisors throughout the sales process, from prospecting and gaining referrals, to closing the deal
  • Managing Your Practice: Issues faced by all small-business owners, including managing personnel, choosing and maintaining appropriate technology, addressing back-office issues and growing a practice
Our experienced editorial staff and expert practitioners deliver in-depth articles as well as informative columns that are a "must read" for every successful advisor. While our content is aimed at professionals in the insurance and financial-advising industry, it is written in a style that is easily understood by anyone interested in insurance and financial advising.

The Advisor Today Blog

From the best minds in the industry, the Advisor Today Blog brings you the tools, ideas and techniques you need to build and enhance your financial practice. It is the go-to place for insurance and financial advisors who are looking for the latest news and trends that are shaping the insurance and financial-advising industry and the steps they need to take to explore these trends and move their business forward. The AT Blog also covers newsworthy events that are happening throughout the NAIFA federation and insightful analyses of key NAIFA initiatives by NAIFA leaders and volunteers.

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