National Standards of Success

NAIFA national must adhere to the following standards of success, consistent with the NAIFA mission, to ensure a quality member experience and to maintain operational strength.


Grassroots APIC Program (Advisor Political Involvement Committee)
  • Coordinate the identification, maintenance, and training of federal grassroots political contacts with an APIC program
  • Host or promote advocacy events including an annual Congressional Conference and National Advocacy Meeting to foster member interaction with federal legislators and their staff
  • Coordinate nationwide IFAPAC fundraising and hold events and promotions at national meetings to maintain national PAC in the top of the industry
  • Encourage members to complete IFAPAC Directives (pay-to-play rule compliance)
  • Increase the total amount of contributions and number of participants over the previous year
  • File campaign finance and tax reports accurately and timely
  • Train chapter advocacy chairs and PAC coordinators
  • Monitor and impact federal insurance-related and securities legislation and regulation
  • Monitor and impact NAIC and other national regulatory and legislative groups
  • Report legislative and regulatory issues addressed by national to chapters and to members


Professional Development & Education Programs
  • Offer professional development, education, and networking programs, and national meetings
  • Communicate with members about national member benefit programs and national meetings


Membership Programs
  • Maintain and follow a membership development plan
  • Communicate with members to strengthen retention
  • Engage in membership recruitment outreach to prospective and lapsed members
  • Engage in business development activities to enhance corporate support for membership
  • Operate the dues payment process and dues disbursements to chapters


  • Maintain national volunteer leadership team representative of the membership
Leadership Reporting
  • Maintain national trustee liaison program to communicate with chapter leaders
  • Produce messaging with a consistent NAIFA brand for use by chapters
  • Seek positive media coverage of NAIFA positions and activities
Respond to requests for information from chapters

Survey members to determine satisfaction with national, state and local programming

Corporate, tax, and PAC filings; Audit; Insurance
  • Maintain incorporation status and complete appropriate filings
  • Maintain federal tax-exempt status and complete appropriate filings
  • Complete appropriate PAC filings
  • Conduct annual audit of national financial statements
  • Maintain Directors & Officers Liability Insurance
  • Follow current NAIFA association bylaws