Local Chapter Structure

This option provides members in population centers large enough to support a formal structure with access to frequent and structured programming. Recommended size of a chapter is approximately 100+ members.
  • A Chapter is separately incorporated and maintains association management and governance.  
  • A Chapter should hold meetings for professional development and education, social/networking, and grassroots political advocacy at least four times per year.
Local Chapter Model Agreement (word)
Local Chapter Model Bylaw (word)
 Local Chapter Board

A Local Chapter should have the following officers, and should have more volunteers serving in leadership roles than an affiliate (see optional positions below):

Local President: The President has overall responsibility for the local chapter’s success by building a team of leaders to accomplish its immediate and long-term goals. By working closely with the Executive Committee, including the national committeeperson, association staff and president-elect, the president ensures a strong future and continuity for their chapter.

Local President-Elect: Apart from outlining the goals and expectations for their administrative year, special duties may involve evaluating current activities. The president-elect may also preside over board meetings or membership meetings in the absence of the president, and the local chapter’s policy or tradition may also assign the president-elect the responsibilities of membership or program coordination.

Local Secretary (may be combined with Treasurer): The secretary’s main objectives are to manage the association files, monitor member data and facilitate communication. The secretary and treasurer ensure that the local chapter is operating with sound business practices. The secretary is responsible for keeping the records of the chapter, submitting all official documents, presenting a report at the chapter’s annual meeting and maintaining true copies of the bylaws and all amendments. If the local chapter has a paid association executive, the executive may carry out many of these responsibilities, if they are specified in the executive’s job description.

Local Treasurer (may be combined with Secretary): Oversees Local Budget and Investments and works with board on building budgets. The treasurer is responsible for overseeing the chapter’s financial obligations and reporting to the board on financial matters. If the local chapter has a paid association executive, the executive may carry out many of these responsibilities, if they are specified in the executive’s job description.

Local National Committeeperson: The national committeeperson serves as the liaison between the local and state association and NAIFA-National. He or she reports on matters arising from and referred to the National Council, the Board of Trustees, and NAIFA standing committees to the state association. The national committeeperson is vital in the communications and management that binds the NAIFA Federation together.

Immediate Past President: Ensures the local chapter maintains momentum and continuity in its strategic direction, activities, and operations

Local Chapter Committee Structure

The state chapter board provides leadership for all the state activities and relies on local chapter boards and committees to identify and develop leaders for future service on the state board. The local chapter committee chairs can oversee committees comprised of members of the local chapter.

Local Program Chair: Oversees Local meetings and Other Programming, coordinates with the state on LILI

Advocacy Chair: Works closely with state PAC Coordinator and PIC Coordinator, ensures in district meetings are held, oversees chapter participating in both the state Day on the Hill and in the national Congressional Conference.  Coordinates IFAPAC fundraising.  The local chapter may choose to separate these responsibilities and have both an IFAPAC and APIC Coodinator

Membership Chair: Oversees Recruitment and Retention Activities, works with state on statewide initiatives

Business Development Chair: Oversees Advertising, Exhibit and Sponsorship Sales

Member Engagement Chair: Oversees New Member Orientation and Onboarding Activities and works with YATs, social and diversity coordinators (optional positions)

Optional Volunteer Leadership Positions for Local Chapters
Community Relations Coordinator: This position leads the chapter in charitable or community relations activities. They seek out and line up opportunities for community involvement with local organizations and line up volunteers for these opportunities. The Community Relations Coordinator will report to the Chair about upcoming activities.
Social Coordinator: This position will lead the chapter's social activities, including golf outings, YAT activities, awards, etc. The Social Coordinator will work with the Local Chair and Programs Chair to avoid conflicting events in the area. This position will also lead promotion and logistics of any social events the chapter chooses to hold.  

Member Engagement Coordinator: This position works closely with the Membership Coordinator to welcome all new members in the area. The Welcome Committee Coordinator recruits a team of volunteers to welcome new members with a phone call or email, ensuring they receive personalized invitations to upcoming events and activities. 

Volunteer Coordinator: This position works with the Programs Coordinator to line up volunteers for area events, including greeters, registration/check-in, etc. 

Sponsorship Coordinator: If the chapter wishes to secure sponsorship money for their use in additional activities such as golf outings, this position works to secure sponsorships from vendors for use by the chapter. 

Diversity Coordinator: This position focuses on serving diverse populations and practice specialties, including new advisors.