Local Chapter Standards of Success

NAIFA local chapters must adhere to the following standards of success, consistent with the NAIFA mission, to ensure a quality member experience and to maintain operational strength.


Advocacy Programs
Grassroots APIC Program (Advisor Political Involvement Committee)
  • Identify and maintain local area grassroots political contacts with an APIC program
  • Host or promote advocacy events, and promote attendance at State Day at the Capital, to foster member interaction with state or federal legislators, regulators, and their staff
  • Promote attendance at the Congressional Conference and National Advocacy Meeting
IFAPAC Program
  • Coordinate local area IFAPAC fundraising and hold IFAPAC fundraising events and promotions to increase the total amount of contributions and number of participants over the previous year
  • Encourage members to complete the IFAPAC Directive (pay-to-play rule compliance)
  • Budget for IFAPAC Administrative Fund contribution and attendance of a PAC representative to the National Advocacy Meeting
  • Report to members on legislative and regulatory issues addressed by state and national


Professional Development & Education Programs
  • Offer local and national professional development, education, and networking programs
  • Communicate with members about local, state and national member benefit programs and meetings


Membership Programs
  • Maintain, communicate, and follow a membership development plan
  • Communicate with members to strengthen retention
  • Coordinate and hold membership presentations
  • Engage in membership recruitment outreach to prospective and lapsed members


  • Maintain local leadership team with representatives from throughout the local area
Leadership Reporting
  • Report local officers, directors, committee members, and APIC contacts to state and national
  • Communicate with messaging that is consistent with the NAIFA brand
  • Seek positive media coverage using communications provided by national
Maintain a fiscal year that is consistent with the NAIFA federation

Respond to requests for information from the state and national

Corporate and tax filings; Audit; Insurance
  • Maintain state incorporation status, and complete appropriate filings
  • Maintain federal (and state if applicable) tax-exempt status, and complete appropriate filings
  • Conduct annual audit or financial review of chapter financial statements
  • Maintain Directors & Officers Liability Insurance
  • Maintain current NAIFA local chapter agreement and local association bylaws