Local Chapter Application

Strong NAIFA local associations may be appointed as NAIFA local chapters by entering into chapter agreements with their state and the national association.
Locals with approximately 200 members are automatically eligible for chapter status upon signing a chapter agreement with their state and national.
Locals with approximately 100 members may apply to their state and national for local chapter status if they will adhere to standards of success for operations (e.g., tax-exempt and corporate status; current bylaws; leadership team; D&O insurance) and programming (e.g., ongoing advocacy, professional development and education, and membership activities).
Local chapters should have the following structure:
  • Local Chapter Leadership Team
    • Board of Directors
    • Association Executive Support
  • Local Chapter Committees
    • Government Relations (APIC & IFAPAC)
    • Professional Development & Education
    • Membership

Complete the following information to apply for or confirm local chapter status by September 24, 2018: