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View the implementation handbook webinar (July 2018)
Sample letter and talking points for member communications: Why modernize the NAIFA structure? 

This is an exciting time for our association as we work together to modernize the NAIFA structure to strengthen member services and create a more powerful and collective voice in insurance and financial services.

The guidelines presented here are based on the collective wisdom and experience of your colleagues – NAIFA members and association executives – who for decades served in leadership positions at NAIFA, and on multiple NAIFA 20/20 Task Forces. Over the last two years, they have deliberated, discussed and ultimately reached consensus on how best to implement the goals of the NAIFA 20/20 Strategic Plan, NAIFA’s roadmap to a strong and prosperous future.

As we consider how to implement the transformation of the NAIFA business and financial models, your colleagues acknowledge there is no one-size-fits-all solution that will apply to every state and local operation. The content presented in each section is intended to identify and bridge chapter policies, procedures and practices to create a streamlined structure grounded in our important mission to serve and grow members; and protect, promote and advance our industry under ethical business practices.

The handbook contains guidance on the following:

  • State and Local Structures
  • Mergers and Dissolutions
  • Association Finances
  • Local Chapter Standards of Success
  • State Chapter Standards of Success
  • National Standards of Success

There also are examples on how member engagement may continue at the local level through important events such as legislative day and monthly meetings, and awards banquets and golf tournaments. For local associations transitioning to affiliates, please review these real-life scenarios that have been practiced successfully in states with a one state/one local structure. This guide also contains an application form for local chapters.

Ideally, the handbook should be used to increase your overall understanding and serve as a catalyst to begin implementation today. Please contact us with further questions and suggestions as you embark on this significant journey of transformation.

Finally, I would like to add that the modernization of our Association is a major opportunity to re-position and re-brand NAIFA as the largest, strongest and most prestigious association in insurance and financial services. We will leverage this milestone event to re-introduce the New NAIFA to our existing members, corporate audiences and agents and advisors everywhere.

Thank you for your dedication and belief in our association and its future.  Please look for more information and updates as we move boldly into the future.

Keith M. Gillies, CFP, CLU, ChFC
NAIFA President, 2017-2018