National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors

Payment Options

When you submit your membership application, you can pay for annual dues in one payment. If you'd prefer to pay monthly, NAIFA’s monthly payment programs allow you to pay your membership dues in 12 monthly charges by either drafting from your savings or checking account or by charging your American Express, MasterCard, or Visa credit cards.

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Monthly Payment Program

How do I apply?

Click "JOIN" at the top of the page to sign up online or print the membership application (PDF) to sign up for the monthly payment program.

What are the payment processes?

On the 5th of each month NAIFA will draft from your bank account or charge your credit card for 1/12 of your total dues. If the 5th falls on a weekend or on a holiday, the charge or draft will be occur on the next business day.

Each month, after a draft or charge occurs, a one month payment will be applied to your membership record. This will advance your paid through date by one month.

All monthly payment program cancellation requests must be submitted in writing to NAIFA by the first of the month. These requests may be emailed to

What happens if a draft/charge is declined or not valid?

If your draft or charge is denied or is not valid, NAIFA will contact you in writing requesting a valid account number. NAIFA will charge a $15.00 fee for such returns. This fee will be applied to your next monthly charge.

If your draft or charge is declined twice within a six month period, your involvement with the monthly draft or credit card program will be terminated and you will be invoiced for the remaining dues balance owed.

What are the fees associated with the programs?

There is a simple monthly processing fee of $1.00 that will be added to each transaction.

How long is the payment commitment?

When you enroll in a monthly payment program, you are committing to one year of monthly payments. If you decide to revoke the authorization to have your account drafted or your card charged before the 12 months are over, you will be billed for the remaining months’ dues.

How will annual renewals be handled?

Upon completion of a full year of monthly payments, a letter will be sent reminding you of enrollment in the program.  The letter will include the annual and monthly dues amount for the next 12 months.

How will credit card expiration dates be handled?

Sixty days prior to the expiration a credit card a letter will be sent asking you to submit a new expiration date or a new account number.  Members are encouraged to contact the NAIFA Member Service Center with your new credit card or bank draft information at 877.866.2432 or  A current credit card expiration date must be on file with NAIFA for a member to remain a participant in the program.

NAIFA Membership Terms and Conditions (PDF)