Field Leader Summit

The Field Leader Summit is a way for local NAIFA associations to build relationships at the General Agent and Agency Manager level. Summits will help deliver the membership value proposition to these key contacts and motivate them to work with NAIFA in recruiting and retaining advisors and agents.

NAIFA works continuously with industry-leading companies to deliver value to members and build support for agents and advisors at every level. The Field Leader Summits (or FLS) are one way to include a grassroots effort in developing those relationships. Local NAIFA leadership can use a Summit to work more closely with local agency leaders to deliver the understanding of NAIFA's value to the profession, the agents and ultimately the success of everyone involved.

This page includes the basics of hosting an FLS, examples of results to work toward in goal setting and samples of invitation copy.

If you've recently hosted a Summit, click here to report your progress.

The A-B-C’s of hosting a Field Leader Summit


  • The GA’s and AM’s will be your handpicked invited guests, and your association will be hosting a meeting, meal and an opportunity to network and learn.  Consider your audience when selecting a venue/restaurant. 
  • A Summit is best hosted with one or more locals involved to attract more participants and share in the cost. For smaller/midsize locals, a 50-60 mile radius is suggested for your target market invitations. For larger locals in metropolitan areas, a 25-30 mile radius is recommended for your target market invitations.
  • The invitation list depends on the opportunities, market and area; however, it is critical that the local and state boards be involved involved in identifying and developing a quality guest list.
  • Mail, email, electronic invitation (i.e., Evite, PaperlessPost) and personal call invitations should be considered.  For more information and samples, see “Invitation Samples” below. The first invitation should be sent through regular mail six weeks before the event. A second invitation could be sent as either an Evite or an Outlook Appointment Request five weeks before event. A third invitation could be a reminder referencing the Evite or Outlook event four weeks before event.
Some sample text is below for reference. Summit committee or association Executive follow-up calls before the event will help secure RSVPs for use in planning.

During the Event

  • Host: Welcomes and greets guests at the door
  • Emcee (Trustee, President or Past President)
  • Board involvement and NAIFA Staff involvement at the event should be limited to avoid having more board members and NAIFA staff than guests.
  • Close membership sales onsite and following the meeting.  

Sample Agenda / Topics

The purpose of the luncheon event (i.e., 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.) is to develop or reinforce relationships with industry contacts who can help deliver and illustrate the NAIFA value proposition to members and prospects. The topics below are examples of how NAIFA benefits agents, companies and the industry.  The main topic and purpose of the meeting should provide attendees with advisor recruiting and retention ideas and an opportunity to share best practices: When concluding the event, please ask each guest to leave two business cards at their seats. One way to spread out the cost is for the largest local to pay the bill while the smaller locals reimburse their share of expenses.

Post- Event

  • An evaluation survey should be distributed to attendees to further build the relationship and enhance future Summits. 
  • The Summit Organizer should communicate the event details using this form in order for NAIFA National to assist with any/all of the following: Future summit speakers, outreach to prospects and membership marketing material, sharing of summit best practices with other associations, association recognition.

Results to Work Toward

  • Build relationships amongst and with GA’s and MA’s
  • Agency presentation opportunities
  • New agency relationships
  • Referrals to other GAs, AMs and sales managers
  • An invitation to exhibit at a carrier’s regional meeting
  • New speakers for future local programs
  • Commitments to send agents/advisors to a local program
  • New volunteer leaders for committees and local boards
  • PAC contributions or PIC referral/contacts
  • New, reinstated and/or member renewals
All of the above are real examples of results from Field Leader Summits.

Invitation Sample Copy

Beginning six weeks prior to the event, mail, email, electronic invitation (i.e., Evite, PaperlessPost) and personal call invitations should be considered. NAIFA promotional artwork and brand standards are available here.

Example #1 – Initial Invitation

SUBJECT: You’re invited! Field Leader Summit Luncheon

Join your peers for an exclusive complimentary agency leadership luncheon.
• Network
• Share best practices
• Learn how mentoring and industry involvement can increase production and retention
• Hear firsthand account of legislative battles and what dangers lie ahead from (Insert Speaker Name Here)
• Learn how you can effectively grow and sustain your organization from (Insert Speaker Name Here)as he/she talks about recruiting the next generation of sales talent

When: (Insert Date)
Where: (Insert Location)
RSVP to (Insert Contact Name) at (Insert Contact Information) by (Insert Date)

Will you be there?

Example #2: Reminder

SUBJECT: Reminder - Don’t Miss the Field Leader Summit Luncheon

How can only two hours impact your Agency? Come join your peers for an exclusive agency leadership luncheon.

Hosted by NAIFA
• Share best practices
• Network
• Learn how to effectively grow and sustain your agency
• Learn how supporting a NAIFA culture can increase your agency’s bottom line

When: (Insert Date)
Where: (Insert Location)
RSVP to (Insert Contact Name) at (Insert Contact Information) by (Insert Date)

Will you be there?

Example #3: Last Chance - Extending Invitation

SUBJECT: Last chance to say YES to lunch with your local Leaders!

We know you’re busy, and since we haven’t heard from you, we thought we’d try one more time.
NAIFA will be in (Insert City) on (Insert Date) to host a complimentary luncheon for area agency leaders and we would love to have you there.

If you are unable to attend, please consider sending another person in a leadership position in your agency. Just let us know who and we will add them in.

As a reminder, below is the invitation that was sent out to you last month.

Will your agency be there?