Membership Promotion

This page is your one-stop shop for all things membership. Please see below for resources, materials, promotions and more!

NAIFA Membership Application

Download Application (PDF)

Membership Recruitment Promotions

There are no active membership promotions at this time. Please check back periodically to check for any promotions NAIFA is running to help you recruit.

Membership Planning & Recruitment Materials

Membership Plan Builder – The Membership Plan Builder is a planning document that provides the steps for building a state or local membership plan in a checklist format. It is split into “Basic”, “Advanced” and “Rock Star” sections to allow you to grow your plan to succeed in your recruitment goals.

Download the Membership Plan Builde (EXCEL)

Membership Sales System – The NAIFA Membership Sales System is our value based approach to member recruitment. It is centered on the concept uncovering the pain points in the prospect’s business and career, and leading them to see how NAIFA can be a resource to help them succeed. All 5 steps of the recruitment process are covered, including how to use the new value based resources.
The Sales System is driven by the discovery process which is detailed in the Sales System Manual. A Fact Finder/Discovery Document is included with the Sales System and is available as an individual PDF download.

Agency Presentation –  NAIFA has developed an updated agency presentation built on the same value based principal as the Membership Sales System. Where the Sales System is intended to be a face to face conversation, the agency presentation uses the same approach in a group conversation.
One set of these documents describe both the approach to get the presentation and how to conduct the presentation itself. The other documents are a handout (created by one of our own National Committee persons) that details many NAIFA benefits available to members. 

Referring a Prospect

There is a new refer a prospect page that now loads the prospect’s date directly in to the HubSpot CRM database. This allows any member in the field to put a prospect into your state’s recruiting queue, so interactions with them can be tracked and NAIFA National can put them into drip campaigns.