National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors


Governance Documents and Resources

As directed in the NAIFA Bylaws, proposed Resolutions will be announced at least 60 days prior to the start of the annual conference. Proposed Bylaws Amendments will be announced at least 30 days prior to the start of the annual conference. These announcements can be found on the annual conference page - click here.

Officer and Chair Reporting System

Each state is responsible for reporting state officers and committee chairs AND ensuring local officers and committee chairs are reported to NAIFA National. 

By reporting your state and local association officers and committee chairs, it will ensure your leaders have access to the information available in the association leaders and staff resources section of NAIFA's website. Leaders will also be able to experience the National Online Leadership Academy (The Academy), an online community designed to provide exceptional leadership training for local and state association leaders, incoming leaders and executives.

All submissions are processed online; however, for those local associations that do not have an executive and/or internet access, it is the responsibility of each state association office to collect and enter this information on their behalf. If needed, the state associations may collect local association information using the paper version of the officer and commitee chair form for entry into the online system. To assist the state association office, the online system provides state leaders with access to view, add and edit the local associations' officer and committee chair reporting.

Officer and Chair Reporting System Form (PDF)

Officer and Chair Reporting System Tutorial:


If you have any issues during the entry process or have special situations that require unusual reporting, please Contact Member Support.

Association Formation and Dissolution

Sometimes it is desirable to reconfigure the local associations within a state so that the needs of its members are best served. There are options to consider, and guidelines for each are below. Whatever the course, the ability of the association to provide value to members is NAIFA's top priority.