Upcoming Webinars


Date: June 20th @ 2:25 pm CT
Presenter: Bob Cohen

Join us for the June NAIFA Live event featuring Bob Cohen, Principal at Tamar Fink, hosted by NAIFA - Minnesota. Bob will talk about "The Gotchas and Trap Doors of Life Insurance". This course will provide attendees with the foundation of some of the variables within life insurance products that Insurance Companies use to ensure their profitability and how that comes at a huge cost to the client. 

“Making LinkedIn Work for You: Activate and Amplify Your Personal Brand to Move Business Forward”
Date: June 26 @ 3pm ET
Presenter: David “D. Fish” Fisher

Social media has become a key tool for business development but are you taking advantage of all the opportunities it provides? After establishing a credible presence and building a network online, how can you leverage social media to build your professional influence? Learn how to use LinkedIn establish a brand, share content, and develop relationships with key centers of influence within your market niche. See how social selling can become a very lucrative habit!
 Walk-Away Targets:

  • Connect your online activities to your offline goals
  • Understand and address emotional blocks that inhibit effective online activity
  • Demonstrate the steps to creating an optimized LinkedIn profile
  • Develop an authentic plan for engaging an online network
  • Leverage LinkedIn to create business opportunities


Advisor Solutions Session
Date: June 27 @ 4 pm ET
Presenter: Coah Dan Finley

This session is designed to show advisors how to create a great elevator speech that will assist them in bringing the listener into their conversation to want to learn more! Most advisors don’t have an elevator speech, they simply say what they do for a living. You want to stand out from the crowd and turn monologue into dialogue.

Ethics for Insurance and Financial Professionals: Questions for Consideration and Discussion - Part 2
Date: July 31 @ 3pm ET

Level Up Panel
Date: Aug. 22 @ 7:30 am CT
Brought to you by NAIFA and FSP

The Advanced Practice Center is the product of NAIFA and was put together to provide one area for thought leadership in advanced financial planning concepts for advisors and agents. 

On-Demand Webinars:


Missed a NAIFA Live broadcast? Catch up through the NAIFA Live On-Demand Archives.

"The New Economy Advisor" 
Bill Bishop, CEO, The BIG Ideas Company

In today’s fast-changing marketplace, you need to think differently about the future of your financial service business. You need to adopt the “new factory thinking” used by companies like Google, Amazon, and Apple. You need to create and package BIG Ideas, free subscriber packages, fee-based membership programs and integrated value hubs.

In this thought-provoking webinar, business coach Bill Bishop, CEO of The BIG Idea Company, and author of The New Economy Advisor, explains how to use this new way of thinking to differentiate yourself from the competition, attract more high-quality clients, and significantly increase your profit margins.  

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