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The SECURE Act's Impact on Lifetime Income and Retirement Savings​
Date: February 20 @ 2 pm ET
Presenters: Jamie Hopkins, Director of Retirement Research at Carson Group & Judi A. Carsrud, Assistant Vice President of Federal Relations at NAIFA

You understand the SECURE Act’s major provisions, the tax benefits, the tax hurdles. What’s next? Join Jamie Hopkins, Director of Retirement Research at Carson, and Judi A. Carsrud, Assistant Vice President of Federal Relations at the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (NAIFA) as they explore the SECURE Act’s Impact on Lifetime Income and Retirement Savings.

February Big Ideas Webinar: Multiline Success
Date: February 26 @ 3 pm ET
Presenter: Scott Foster

In this webinar, Scott will show you how to leverage property and casualty sales to feed your life and financial service business pipeline. Scott will also provide his expertise concerning risk management tools that will positively impact your retention levels. 

Advisor Solution Session: Getting Beyond Your Production Plateau
Date: February 27 @ 4 pm ET
Presenter: Coach Dan Finley

Have you found your production stagnated for longer than you care to remember?  Are you wondering what to do to change this cycle?  It may not be a surprise to hear that many financial advisors reach a plateau at some point in their career. Come to this forum to learn how to kick start your business and leave the plateau in your rear view mirror.

March Big Ideas Webinar: How to Build a Thriving Disability Practice
Date: March 25 @ 3 pm ET
Presenter: Jamie Fleischner 

In this webinar NAIFA P+P Big Ideas presenter Jamie Fleischner will talk about how to create a focus market and identify good prospects. She will cover how to create good sales habits as well as how to create systems to track new business, how to navigate disability insurance underwriting, how to maintain your book of business and, how to create sales from existing clients.

April Big Ideas Webinar: How Mortality Credits Improve Portfolio Outcomes
Date: April 14 @ 3 pm ET
Presenter: Tom Hegna

In this session, Tom shows why math and science demand that insurance products be included in Retirement Portfolios. In fact, any retirement portfolio without an annuity will be suboptimal (less than what it could or should be). Research also shows that clients who have Guaranteed Lifetime Income are likely to be Happier and LIVE LONGER as well. It’s math, science, economics- but now he has added PSYCHONOMICS to the equation as well. He will also show you effective ways of communicating these facts to your clients and prospects. Don’t miss this powerful presentation.

On-Demand Webinars:

Why You Want the LACP

If you missed this informative webinar, you can register to watch it on-demand. NAIFA members Larry Holzberg and Brian Haney covered what the LACP entails, how to get it and more importantly, how you can use it in your practice to further serve your clients and drive business.

Big Ideas Webinar Series
The Big Ideas Webinar Series is a special thought leadership series featuring NAIFA members using innovative techniques tools or approaches to advance their practice and better serve their clients. The webinars are held monthly. If you missed one, you can register to access the archives

Q3 State of NAIFA
Our Q3 State of NAIFA webinar was a success! In case you missed it, register to watch the webinar on-demand. Hear from NAIFA CEO Kevin Mayeux, NAIFA President Jill Judd, and NAIFA SVP of Government Relations, Diane Boyle, regarding the state of NAIFA for Quarter 3.

Missed a NAIFA Live broadcast? Catch up through the NAIFA Live On-Demand Archives.

"The New Economy Advisor" 
Bill Bishop, CEO, The BIG Ideas Company

In today’s fast-changing marketplace, you need to think differently about the future of your financial service business. You need to adopt the “new factory thinking” used by companies like Google, Amazon, and Apple. You need to create and package BIG Ideas, free subscriber packages, fee-based membership programs and integrated value hubs.

In this thought-provoking webinar, business coach Bill Bishop, CEO of The BIG Idea Company, and author of The New Economy Advisor, explains how to use this new way of thinking to differentiate yourself from the competition, attract more high-quality clients, and significantly increase your profit margins.  

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