P+PV Speaker Interviews

Interview with Ameritas CEO JoAnn Martin
In this interview, NAIFA President-Elect Jill Judd interviews Ameritas CEO JoAnn Martin on advancing diversity and inclusion in the workplace, and the advantages of helping women achieve success in the industry.

Advisor Solutions Mastermind Forum: Turning Obstacles Into Opportunities
In this interview, NAIFA’s Tara Laptew interviews Dan Finley about overcoming some of the common challenges those working in the financial services industry face. Dan addresses the solutions that work for successful and productive advisors and agents, which can work for you as well to establish best practices and help you build a better business.

Insuring Success and Succession
In this interview, NAIFA’s Tara Laptew interviews Barbara Pietrangelo on the importance of having a succession plan. Barbara talks about practical ways to begin the process of insuring what you have worked so hard to build.  

Balance is a Myth
In this interview, NAIFA’s Brendan Bernat interviews Adam Solano about the perceived battle for work life balance. Adam says that this quest need not be a battle at all as he provides perspective that will radically change the way you think of your work and your life.