Life Happens Real Life Stories

Every year at P+P, Life Happens presents Real Life stories: true stories that illustrate why it’s so important for people to include insurance in their financial plans.

Koonsman Family: Facing the Unexpected
Jamey and Robyn Koonsman met in college and realized they shared a love of the land and the animals that populated the ranches they grew up around. Once married, they shared their passion with their daughters, Hope and Jordyn. The family spent their free time attending stock shows and rodeos. Hope loved nothing more than showing steers and truly owned the ring when she was in it, and Jordyn took a shine to rodeo riding. While it’s nothing a family should ever have to suffer, Hope died unexpectedly when she was just 19.

Bakouris Family: A Living Miracle
At 27, life was falling into place for Dore Bakouris. She was newly married, had a 1-year-old son and had just returned to work. Then she started suffering from severe headaches. Given that she had no previous health issues, she went to the emergency room and got a CT scan. Doctors gave her the devastating news that she had a brain tumor.

Faith Haley: Scholarship Recipient
Scholarship Amount: $15,000
Hometown: Benton, KY - School: Murray State University