National Council Session

It is Time to Reinvent NAIFA

A message from the NAIFA Executive Committee

One year ago, the NAIFA 20/20 Quality Member Experience Task Force – comprised of a cross-section of NAIFA members and executives – put forth recommendations that form the basis of the Board’s proposal for consideration by the National Council on May 22. They are:

1) Create a federation structure with chapter relationships between national, states, and strong locals, so we have fewer – but more successful – associations to pursue the NAIFA mission. This proposed structure will lessen the burden of bureaucracy and allow us to be more nimble and decisive so we can respond to the industry’s increasing challenges. Our current governance structure holds us back.

2)  Establish standards for successful NAIFA associations of which we are all accountable at the national, state, and local level. Teamwork will be essential to ensure that states, locals and national meet the standards.

3) Move to one consistent dues amount nationwide. Reducing the number of dues structures from 600 to one will simplify operations, reduce administrative costs and promote cohesion.

As members of the Executive Committee, we urge members to empower NAIFA’s leaders to live up to promises to reinvent NAIFA. NAIFA 20/20 is the best opportunity to build on a legacy of accomplishment, achieve long-term success, and provide members the highest possible return on their dues investment.

It is our honor and pleasure to serve during the implementation of NAIFA 20/20. We urge the National Council to see the merits of the QME task force’s recommendations, as we do, and vote in May to move NAIFA forward in the coming years.

Keith M. Gillies, CFP, CLU, ChFC
Jill Judd, LUTCF, FSS
Paul R. Dougherty, LUTCF, FSS
Immediate Past President
Matthew S. Tassey, CLU, ChFC, LUTCF

NAIFA Bylaws & Resolutions Subcommittee

NAIFA 20/20 QME Bylaws Amendment Overview
Webinar Slides (PDF)
For more information about NAIFA 20/20, the Quality Member Experience and the strategic planning process, click here.

The following NAIFA associations have formally expressed support for the Bylaws and Resolutions outlined above:

NAIFA – Colorado
NAIFA – Florida
NAIFA - Illinois
NAIFA - Maine
NAIFA - Massachusetts
NAIFA - Memphis
NAIFA - Minnesota
NAIFA - New Hampshire
NAIFA - New Jersey
NAIFA - New York
NAIFA - Greater Metro (NY)
NAIFA - Greater Washington DC
NAIFA - Rochester