Congressional Council

What is the Congressional Council?

The Congressional Council is NAIFA’s newest advocacy program, designed to maximize donations to both NAIFA’s War Chest and IFAPAC. Contributions to IFAPAC allow NAIFA to support candidates for elected office who value the role of insurance agents and financial advisors and who believe public policy should help, not hinder, access to products and services that allow Americans to secure their financial futures. War Chest funds are used to fund high priority – often emergency -- legislative and regulatory initiatives that exceed NAIFA’s budget. Examples of how the funds can be used include:

  • Activate the grassroots network promotion of the value of the agent-advisor through enhanced public relations
  • Enhance lobbying efforts to influence lawmakers, especially members of Congress
  • Issue-specific, targeted media campaigns using television, print, radio, and/or social media
  • Involvement of NAIFA members in Days on Capitol Hill
What are the benefits of joining Congressional Council?

Members of the Congressional Council receive: 
  • Advisory Group membership to inform the NAIFA Government Relations Committee
  • Private event during the Congressional Conference
  • Exclusive Membership-only Lapel Pin
  • Public Recognition at NAIFA meetings and in NAIFA publications
  • Insider election reports and industry information from NAIFA’s exclusive Congressional Council LinkedIn group
  • Subscription to the weekly, policy-oriented Monday Morning Memo
 Who can be a Congressional Council Member?

Any NAIFA member can join! Requirements for membership are a minimum contribution of $2,500 per year to IFAPAC and a minimum $500 annual donation to the War Chest. War Chest contributions can also be made online.
Please note:  Contributions to NAIFA are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes.

The Advisory Group

The Advisory Group is made up exclusively of Congressional Council members. The group's role is to provide insight and feedback to the NAIFA Government Relations team as they work to submit formal policy recommendations to the NAIFA Board of Trustees. Members may be asked to informally advise NAIFA staff on issues related to their professional experience and expertise; may receive policy or industry-related surveys; may be asked to assist NAIFA staff with technical data; and may have opportunities to provide comments on legislation and regulations that fall within their areas of expertise.

For more information, please contact Government Relations here.