Talking Points

Meeting Opening

  • We’re members of NAIFA - the nation’s oldest and largest insurance and financial services association. We support a Main Street agenda to promote sound financial planning, including the use of insurance products. (Briefly describe your business then ask other participants to do the same.)
  • Only insurance products protect against financial risks, through the use of life, disability income, health and long-term care insurance.
  • Protecting individuals from outliving their savings by providing lifetime income guarantees is only available from the insurance industry using retirement annuities.
  • NAIFA members help families, and businesses reduce risks and protect assets, fund major expenses like college, long-term care and retirement, design estate plans and provide employee benefits. (Share your state’s specific data from the fact sheet.)

Tax and Health Reform

  • NAIFA is pleased the House Blueprint recognizes the unique role of the life insurance industry and appropriate tax treatment of insurance and retirement products.
  • Proposals to raise taxes on insurers would result in products that cost more, offer fewer benefits, or may no longer be available.
  • Eliminating or reducing pre-tax funding of retirement savings plans would have a negative behavioral impact on savings and retirement readiness.
  • Capping or eliminating the tax exclusion for employer-sponsored health benefits would make coverage less flexible and more expensive. (Share how you have helped your clients as well as examples of challenges.)

What We Are Asking of Congress:

  • Continue to support policies that encourage families and businesses to save for retirement, and protect against financial risks associated with death, disability, illness and long-term care. (Show Federal Issues Summary with NAIFA-backed legislation.​)
  • Join the Financial Security and Life Insurance Caucus.
  • Utilize NAIFA as a resource to help you understand the real-life middle market impact of future legislation and regulations.