APIC Testimonials

Political Involvement Testimonials

All of NAIFA's leaders understand the importance of political involvement. For some insight from the experts, read the testimonials below made by some of NAIFA's most prestigious leaders.

"I received an email on Labor Day from my state representative asking for help with a political issue she thought affected our industry. The Department of Insurance was proposing a rule to require all Investment Advisors in the state of Iowa to have a written succession and business continuity plan in place by July, 2016. This state representative had sponsored the insurance bill last year, and she knew there was nothing in there involving Investment Advisors, and she caught the information in time to ask our team for help. Our executive committee held an emergency conference call Tuesday morning to discuss the issue, and we felt that, even though we weren’t opposed to the intent of the rule, it was important for the rule to be presented through the normal legislative process instead of by an administrative rule behind closed doors.

NAIFA-Iowa Vice President Brent Hinerichsen and I headed to Des Moines that same day to attend the Rules Committee meeting to present our concerns. NAIFA-Iowa was the only association representing Investment Advisors at this meeting and, along with the help of several of the Rules Committee members, the Department of Insurance asked to have the proposed rule removed from their offering. 
After the meeting, we met with Department of Insurance staff to offer our assistance with drafting any future proposals on this issue. This is a perfect example of the grassroots advocacy work that NAIFA is trying to accomplish. We would not have known about this proposed rule change without having a solid relationship with this state representative and, more than likely, our industry would have been subject to yet another regulation without having proper representation at the table. These relationships exist because of several years of hard work by our Advocacy Team! 
Mark this down as win for our members! We encourage everyone to continue to take advantage of the opportunities NAIFA provides for you to get to know your local legislator."
Gregory A. Johnson, LUTCF, FSS
Belle Plaine, IA

“We had a great meeting with Congressman Sean Duffy. He commented about how we have done a good job in gathering bipartisan support (more than he expected). We discussed what has been done so far and how it appeared that the Department of Labor was interested in making their proposed fiduciary rule more workable.  He recommended that NAIFA members call on our clients to write letters to Congress ASAP. From his perspective this is a time to go all in since this is such a game changer for our industry. Lastly, we discussed that the House Financial Services was considering a hearing and that his Legislative Director would be contacting me. I wasn’t even back to my office and she was reaching out to invite me to testify on 9/10. I’m making plans to be there. This is what grassroots advocacy is all about!  We can make a difference if we take the time. And it’s why every NAIFA member needs to connect with the people who are making the laws in our country.”

Juli Y. McNeely, LUTCF, CFP, CLU.
Spencer, WI 

NOTE: Past NAIFA President Juli McNeely did indeed testify on September 10, 2015, at a nearly 3-hour hearing before the Capital Markets and Oversight subcommittees of the House Financial Service Committee.

“NAIFA helps serve as a vehicle to allow the government to keep a pulse on what its people are saying and what is important to us. Being politically connected in this way, links us to the concept of democracy and can serve as a reminder to “big” government to listen to the American people.”
Wes Booker, LUTCF
White Hall, AR

“Being involved politically is a source of energy that helps bring excitement to my practice. Our industry is regulated by lawmakers that need education on all of the issues. Without relevant facts, they have no other choice but to make recommendations and pass laws based on assumptions.  That’s why it is so important that the professionals that make a living in our industry build a relationship based on trust and be a resource based on facts.”

Rodger K. Johnson CLU, ChFC,MSFS
Tyler, TX

“The young advisor needs to be able to perpetuate our industry and take an active interest with advocacy and the legislative process.  NAIFA provides the clout to get us in the door.  

For example, I once attended a Massachusetts long-term care bill signing  that we were specifically asked to attend by Senator Harriette Chandler who was the lead sponsor of the bill. This was the highlight of my career as I was asked to say a few words from NAIFA’s perspective.
Adam M. Sachs, CFP, CLU, ChFC, CLTC
Needham Heights, MA

"My membership in NAIFA is an absolute bargain. For $270/year, I maintain my local, state and national membership. I receive Advisor Today and Texas Insurance And Financial Advisory. Our local has eight monthly luncheons with outstanding speakers, free CE, LUTC classes and I receive a ticket to the Sales Caravan – all of this included in my dues. But, for me, the single best reason to belong to NAIFA is the benefit my clients and I receive through the efforts of APIC (Advisors Political Involvement Committee). NAIFA's grassroots lobbying efforts have made my dues my best professional investment for the past 30 years and APIC could be the single best reason to invest in NAIFA for the next 30 years. Get politically involved."

John M. Ruckel, LUTCF
Nacogdoches, TX

There are a lot of powerful lobbying groups in Washington, D.C. and through the country and it's vital for NAIFA to be represented. If we fail to contact our legislators about issues affecting our industry, you can be sure the other guys will. And, their views – not NAIFA's views – will be best represented.

Larry M. Lambert, CLU, CFP
Long Beach, CA