National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors

Staff Directory

NAIFA's Member Service Center staff can assist with most questions at 703-770-8100.

Executive Office

Kevin Mayeux, Esq., CAE
Chief Executive Officer
Phone: 703-770-8101

Michael Gerber
Chief Operating Officer
Phone: 703-770-8190

Jennifer Ellis Corcoran
Executive Administrator
Phone: 703-770-8103

Jonathon Frish
Strategic Initiatives and Special Projects Coordinator
Phone: 703-770-8105

Business Development 

Brian Steiner
Vice President, Marketing and Business Development 
Phone: 703-770-8220

Alaina Faiello
Director, Business Development
Phone: 703-770-8225

Brian Money
Program Manager, Business Development
Phone: 703-770-8268

Finance & Facilities

Jennifer Cassidy
Vice President, Finance
Phone: 703-770-8125

Ian Delsol
Staff Accountant, Accounts Payable
Phone: 703-770-8122

Gayle Schreiber
Director, Finance
Phone: 703-770-8127

Rachel Waters
Staff Accountant, Accounts Receivable
Phone: 703-770-8124

Government Relations

Diane Boyle
Senior Vice President, Government Relations
Phone: 703-770-8252

Maggie Buneo
Grassroots Director
Phone: 703-770-8154

Nancy Carlson
IFAPAC Coordinator
Phone: 703-770-8160

Judi Carsrud
Assistant Vice President, Government Relations
Phone: 703-770-8155

Michael Hedge
Director, Government Relations
Phone: 703-770-8158

Cornelius Lewis
IFAPAC Administrative Assistant
Phone: 703-770-8162

Gary Sanders
Counsel and Vice President, Government Relations
Phone: 703-770-8192

Cody Schoonover
Legislative Liaison
Phone: 703-770-8159

Stephanie Sheridan
PAC Director
Phone: 703-770-8156

Donna Singleton
Executive Assistant
Phone: 703-770-8188

Human Resources

Ann Slebodnik
Human Resources Specialist
Phone: 703-770-8118

Information Services

Phu Ngo
Vice President, Technology and Information Services
Phone: 703-770-8130

Sindhu Naren
Database Specialist
Phone: 703-770-8139

John Spencer
Windows System Administrator
Phone: 703-770-8203 

Marketing and Communications

Suzanne Carawan 
Vice President, Marketing and Communications
Phone: 703-770-8402

Mark Briscoe
Senior Director, Strategic Communications
Phone: 703-770-8111

Zachary Huels
Marketing Coordinator
Phone: 703-770-8223

Andy Moyer
Phone: 703-770-8237

Ayo Mseka
Editor-in-Chief, Advisor Today
Phone: 703-770-8204

Olivia Yancey
Graphics Designer
Phone: 703-770-8115

Member and Chapter Services

Michele Grassley Clarke
Vice President, Member and Chapter Services
Phone: 703-770-8219

Latasha Smith
Membership Payment Coordinator
Phone: 703-770-8143

Mason Rosado
Chapter Services Specialist
Phone: 703-770-8418

NAIFA Regional Offices


Artem Mulitsa
AMC Acct. Exec. & Assoc. Director, Chapter and Member Services
Phone: 703-770-8406


Danielle Bennett
Member Experience Specialist
Phone: 703-770-8411

Emily Cabbage
AMC Acct. Exec. & Assoc. Director, Member Programs
Phone: 703-770-8401

Debbie Dance
Accounting and Records Specialist
Phone: 703-770-8414

Lizzie Dobson
Communications Coordinator
Phone: 703-770-8415

Justi Folladori
Account Manager
Phone: 703-770-8410

Nicole Kestel
Member Experience Specialist
Phone: 703-770-8409

Jessica Nikkel
Assoc. Director, Accounting and Records Management
Phone: 703-770-8414

Stacy Regennitter
Account Manager & Field Sales Manager
Phone: 703-770-8412

Amanda Smith
AMC Acct. Exec. & Assoc. Director, Sales
Phone: 703-770-8407

Wendy Speckerman
Director,  Member & Chapter Services
Phone: 703-770-8403

Holly Youngblood
Member Experience Specialist
Phone: 703-770-8417


Lisa Loden
Manager, Member & Chapter Services
Phone: 703-770-8416

Professional Development

John Boyle
Interim Vice President, Professional Development
Phone: 703-770-8267

Brendan Bernat
Director, Professional Development
Phone: 703-770-8230

Tara Laptew
Marketing and Program Manager, Professional Development
Phone: 703-770-8207
Fax: 703-770-8465