Cap50 Grant Uses

Uses for grants under the Cap 50 Fund would include (but are not limited to):
  • Improving the effectiveness of a state association’s “day on the hill” (increased frequency of; reimbursement of all/part of attendees’ expenses; preparation of materials; training/speakers).
  • Upgrading/implementing a system for a state association to develop/document relationships between the state association/association members and state legislators/regulators.
  • Improving a state association’s ability to introduce the state association to legislators and regulators and educate them about issues important to NAIFA and NAIFA’s policy positions.
  • Enhancing a state association’s ability to become aware of/review/evaluate legislative and/or regulatory proposals which would impact NAIFA and its members.
  • Improving/upgrading a state association’s current system for grassroots activation of members.
  • Developing/implementing a communications or social media strategy in order to shape policymaker/the public’s perception of issues in a manner favorable to NAIFA.