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About NAIFA 20/20

Jules O. Gaudreau, Jr., ChFC, CIC
2015-2016 NAIFA President

It is more important today than ever for consumers to have access to professional insurance and financial advisors. Studies show time and again that Americans’ lack of financial preparation for retirement, disability, untimely death or other potential hardships has become epidemic. People face daunting and often complex financial challenges. The inability of many to meet, or even understand, those challenges is truly frightening. Their only real hope, the only place for them to turn for assistance, is our country’s insurance and financial advisors.
Yet at the same time, it may be tougher today to succeed as an advisor. Many financial firms are cutting costs, sometimes to the detriment of advisors, while federal and state governments continue to eye our products in their never-ending quest for revenue. Technology is moving at a blistering pace, changing the ways consumers shop for insurance, plan for the future and pursue financial security. It is also altering how advisors and clients interact. The Department of Labor, meanwhile, threatens to fundamentally change the way advisors help clients prepare for retirement, even though the regulatory burden on advisors and their clients is already at a historic high.
Just as the American public needs advisors, advisors need NAIFA to help them succeed. Our mission to protect our members’ businesses and help them grow professionally is critical. Without successful advisors, American consumers, particularly those in the middle-market, would be absolutely alone as they face the myriad financial challenges of modern life.
Advisors know better than anyone that solid planning is the fertile soil necessary to bring the bloom of success. NAIFA is working hard to prepare for its own future success and the success of each of its members. That is why I am proud to introduce the NAIFA 20/20 strategic plan. The plan serves as a blueprint for the next five years to ensure NAIFA is poised to deliver critical career training, professional support and advocacy to members in all insurance and financial services practice specialties.
NAIFA 20/20 lays out a series of goals – to empower NAIFA, its members and the industry; to improve the NAIFA business model; and to diversify NAIFA’s revenue structure – that will ensure the long-term strength, success and sustainability of our association. It also provides a clear path for our national, state and local associations to achieve those goals.
I am confident that NAIFA 20/20 gives our association, under the leadership of CEO Kevin Mayeux and the board of trustees, the blueprint we need to build upon our past and grow a strong and prosperous future. And I cannot overstate the importance of our success. A strong NAIFA breeds successful insurance and financial advisors, who in turn create a financially secure America.
Many thanks to the dedicated industry professionals who invested their time and expertise in the development of the strategic plan: Board of Trustees, company representatives, state association executives, past presidents, members and leaders. And special thanks to members of the NAIFA 20/20 Task Force.

Dave Beaty (IA)
Aamir Chalisa (IL)
Tom Cothron (FL)
Sara Decatoire (IL)
Paul Dougherty (MD)
Steve Forman (OR)
Jules Gaudreau (MA)
Keith Gillies (LA)
Larry Holzberg (NY)
Brock Jolly (VA)
Jill Judd (CA)
Kevin Mayeux, NAIFA CEO
Leslie Murphy, Consultant
Ryan Pinney (CA)
Dan Reisinger (DE)
Joey Ussery (TX)