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NAIFA 20/20

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NAIFA 20/20 Strategic Plan

In the spring of 2016, the NAIFA Board of Trustees adopted the NAIFA 20/20 Strategic Plan, a five-year blueprint to empower members and transform NAIFA with a new business and financial model that streamlines the federation, grows membership, diversifies revenue and positions NAIFA as a nimble and forward-thinking professional development and advocacy organization through 2020 and beyond.
NAIFA 20/20 has three primary goals to be achieved over the next five years:
Empowerment: NAIFA will empower our members by bolstering our advocacy, broadening diversity within our organization, developing top-notch training programs and increasing public awareness.

Business Model: NAIFA will improve our business model by strengthening the NAIFA infrastructure, enhancing activity among the entire federation, creating a quality member experience, and increasing total membership.

Financial Model: NAIFA will execute revenue tactics to better our financial health by developing a more cohesive dues structure, refining our revenue sharing model, and diversifying NAIFA’s revenue portfolio.

Implementation of NAIFA 20/20 is well underway, with the first phase successfully advancing NAIFA as the premiere advocacy, member empowerment and awareness organization. In May 2018, the National Council voted to modernize NAIFA’s national bylaws with a new federation structure, new standards of success and a unified dues structure. The new bylaws enable the NAIFA board, volunteers and staff to begin planning for phase two implementation in January 2019.

NAIFA 20/20 ensures the long-term strength, success and sustainability of our association so we can build upon our past and grow a strong and prosperous future. A strong NAIFA breeds successful insurance and financial advisors, who in turn create a financially secure America