Speaker Engagement Policy

NAIFA's Board of Trustees and Government Relations Team each have policies for speaking engagements. Use of this form indicates that you've read and agreed to the policies below.

NAIFA Board of Trustees Speaking Engagement Policy

Members of NAIFA's Board of Trustees appreciate the opportunity to speak at NAIFA State conventions and ALCs. Because of the high volume of speaker requests, it may be difficult to accomodate each event. To ensure NAIFA is dedicating resources as efficiently as possible, speaker requests will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.   Please only use the speaker request form for State Conventions and Annual Leadership Conference requests. We ask that you work directly with your state trustee liaison to set up any other visits. It is expected that the association is inviting the speaker as a NAIFA representative and has allocated at least 45 minutes to address the audience about NAIFA issues, as opposed to covering only sales or motivational topics.

NAIFA provides reimbursement for airfare and incidentals for members of the Board of Trustees traveling on approved engagements. The Association agrees to pay for the speaker's hotel charges and meals.

NAIFA Government Relations Speaking Engagement Policy

The NAIFA Government Relations Team appreciates the opportunity to speak to NAIFA State and Local associations throughout the country in order to promote the value of the Federation’s Advocacy programs to NAIFA members. In recent years the volume of legislative and regulatory activity managed by the GR Team has made it difficult to accommodate every request. To ensure that the NAIFA GR Team is dedicating NAIFA member dues to maximize the Federation’s resources and further its legislative and regulatory goals, we have developed a system for and list of criteria for consideration of all requests for a GR Team speaker.

NAIFA does not have a budget for speaking requests. Your association must therefore reimburse NAIFA for all costs associated with the speaker’s travel. This includes any airfare, hotel, taxis, rental car, gas, mileage, meals, or other incidentals.

Request for a Specific Speaker
The NAIFA GR Team’s number one priority is to further the Federation’s legislative and regulatory agenda. Because our staff members are primarily lobbyists who specialize in different issue areas, we never can guarantee a specific speaker because it is impossible to know in advance which of NAIFA’s public policy issues will be most in demand at the time of your scheduled meeting. Therefore, should your request be approved, while we will make every effort to accommodate any preference you may have, the guarantee for a GR speaker does not extend to any specific member of the GR Team.

Speaking Topics
If a NAIFA GR Team member speaks at your meeting, the topic for their presentation will be set by the speaker and will reflect the information most critical to our Advocacy efforts at the time of the meeting.

All GR Team speakers use PowerPoint for their presentation and therefore require your association to provide for their use a laptop, projector, screen, remote mouse, and microphone (preferably a lavalier microphone).

Criteria for Consideration
All requests must be approved by the Senior Vice President of Government Relations. Factors for consideration include:
  • Staff Availability
  • If another NAIFA speaker is already attending
  • Number of Meeting Attendees Expected
  • Potential to Reach a Large Number of Prospective Members
  • Length of time since a Government Relations speaker last attended your meeting
  • PAC Fundraising Activity for Association
  • APIC Activity for Association
  • Prominence on the program and length of time allotted to the GR Team speaker