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Privacy Policy

NAIFA attempts to protect the privacy of those who access the NAIFA website. NAIFA may collect contact and identification information from those visitors to the NAIFA website who voluntarily provide such information, such as their name, NAIFA membership number, company affiliation, title, telephone number, mailing address, e-mail or URL address, designations, year of first license, practice areas, membership type and/or membership history. NAIFA may use this information to process membership applications and renewals, to provide member services, and to contact visitors if NAIFA determines that such contact is appropriate in serving NAIFA members. NAIFA shares contact information from its federation membership list with a few select companies to promote member benefit programs and help raise non-dues revenue. Please notify the NAIFA Member Services Department at 1-877-866-2432 if you do not want NAIFA to make your contact information available to third parties for purposes other than association business. NAIFA's conferences and state and local associations have their own membership list policies and members must contact those organizations individually concerning this subject. NAIFA can provide you with contact information for those organizations, but NAIFA does not control the use of their membership information.

NAIFA also collects information from visitors to the NAIFA website who register for the NAIFA annual convention or who make purchases at the NAIFA Marketplace and who voluntarily provide contact and credit card information for registration or purchase purposes. Except as needed for registration, membership application and renewal, or purchase purposes, or unless required by law, NAIFA does not disclose credit card information to third parties. However, NAIFA does provide contact information about convention attendees to companies that register for the convention. Please notify NAIFA Member Services at 1-877-866-2432 if you do not want NAIFA to share your contact information for this purpose.

NAIFA may also collect information from visitors to the NAIFA website who participate in voluntary online surveys. To better serve its members, NAIFA uses survey information to help gauge opinions and interests of insurance and financial advisors and to gather information about the insurance and financial services industry. Unless required by law, or as otherwise noted in a survey request, NAIFA does not disclose to third parties the identities of those who respond to surveys, but may disclose to the public the survey responses themselves, both individually and in the aggregate.

This Privacy Statement does not apply to any Internet sites that may be linked to the NAIFA website. NAIFA is not responsible for and has no control over the privacy policies, if any, of such external sites.

Notwithstanding NAIFA's efforts to protect the privacy of visitors to the NAIFA website, transmission of sensitive or confidential information to the NAIFA website should be guided by an understanding that electronic communications are not secure against interception.