Diversity Task Force

NAIFA’s Commitment to Advancing Diversity and Inclusion in Insurance and Financial Services

For well over a century, the life insurance industry has protected the financial futures of millions of American families and businesses. As the U.S. becomes increasingly diverse, insurance agents and advisors are taking steps to learn the values, traditions and beliefs of those with diverse ethnic backgrounds so the life and financial services industry can serve these communities and help multiple generations embrace opportunity and realize their dreams, while protecting their financial futures.  

Advancing diversity and inclusion is at the forefront of NAIFA’s vision for the future. A key component of the NAIFA 20/20 Strategic Plan is to position NAIFA as an empowerment and awareness organization that attracts talent and prestige to the profession and advocates for consumers.  

As part of advancing NAIFA 20/20, NAIFA created the Diversity Task Force to bring together enthusiastic members dedicated to empowering agents and companies with strategies to attract a diverse workforce that reflects the communities they serve.

The goals of the NAIFA Diversity Task Force are to: 1) become the industry leader and key resource in diversity and diversity training; and 2) create a more diverse membership that is reflective of the population. Visit "mission and structure" for more information and to inquire about participating on the task force.