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Important Notice Regarding Member Online Resources and Logon

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new Member Profile system that allows members direct 24/7 access to update their member profile information, demographics, communication preferences, and renewal preferences.

Please note in order to access this system or any other member\leader restricted area on the NAIFA website you will need to use the new unified logon system. If you have accessed the online Renewal system or the Online Service Center,in the last six months, then you are already familiar with the login process. Otherwise please review the instructions below on how to enter your credentials.

LOGIN Instructions

If you have not previously changed your login/password or created a login/password online, then use your member ID for your login and your last name with the first letter Upper case for the password.

Please note that the password is case sensitive, so you will want to ensure that the first character is upper-case, and for names like McGee you will need to ensure that both the “M” and “G” are upper-case. For names with an apostrophe, you will need to include the apostrophe and adhere to case-sensitivity.

Click here if your last name is 5 or less characters

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