Performance + Purpose 2016 Annual Conference

NAIFA's 2016 Performance + Purpose conference took place September 16-19 in Las Vegas. The event featured a rejuvenated format offering high quality motivational speeches, insightful educational workshops, terrific networking, opportunities to reconnect with friends, and a lot of fun. Coverage of some conference events can be found on NAIFA’s Advisor Today Blog as well as a review of conference coverage by major industry publications.

NAIFA Leaders Videos

NAIFA CEO, Kevin Mayeux at Performance Plus Purpose 2016

2015-16 NAIFA President, Jules Gaudreau

2016-17 NAIFA President, Paul Dougherty

Scott Brennan, 2016 John Newton Russell Recipient


Future NAIFA Performance + Purpose Conferences

NAIFA Performance + Purpose 2017
Orlando, Florida
September 8-10

NAIFA Performance + Purpose 2018
San Antonio, Texas
September 14-16

The NAIFA Annual Conference is Performance + Purpose!

NAIFA marks the 127th meeting of our association with a renewed focus on helping advisors succeed. The NAIFA Annual Conference is now NAIFA Performance + Purpose 2016, highlighting the focus on education, motivation, and participation in the community of advisors.

For questions related to Performance + Purpose, please dial 800-247-4074 to speak with a NAIFA staff member.

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