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The Back Room Technician, Sales Edition, is Everything You Need to Sell More Effectively

NAIFA and Advisys®, Inc.(formerly Kettley Publishing), are very pleased to make the nationally recognized, premier sales support resource, Back Room Technician® — Sales Edition (BRT/SE), available to NAIFA members at a very special price.

Back Room Technician (BRT), powered by Advisys (formerly Kettley Publishing), is the leading needs analysis, client presentation and education software. Designed to help you promote productivity, increase sales, acquire and retain clients, BRT is user friendly and results driven. Key features include:

For more information, please visit or call 1-800-777-3162 and dial option 2. An Advisys customer support/sales team member will answer any questions and get you "up and running" in no time. Don't forget to mention you are a NAIFA Member.

Free Advisys Live! training is available to all NAIFA representatives as well as a 60-day Money Back Guarantee that makes sure you feel comfortable while getting acclimated with the software!

Download the Advisys Back Room Technician flyer